PANA Brand Academy 2015 Wraps Up with Shopper Marketing, Brand Activation, Public Relations, Crisis Communications and IMC

Shopper marketing expert Ben Reyes of ASPAC Creative Communications advises marketers to look into behavioral and psychological insights concerning consumers on the subject of his expertise. He explains that shopper marketing involves everything that goes into the shopping experience, online or offline. Brand activation tends to be confused with shopper marketing. Alan Fontanilla, managing director of Lowe Open Philippines, differentiates brand activation in his talk as a marketing process that bring a brand to life through a variety of brand experiences. The experiences...
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PANA Digital Playbook

The Philippine Association of National Advertisers in partnership with the Certified...
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Code of Ethics and Media Talks on PANA Brand Academy Day Three

The study of marketing is incomplete without examining today’s media landscape,...
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PANA Brand Academy Day Two Talks Insights, Branding and Product Design

The second Friday of PANA Brand Academy gets down to the...
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PANA Brand Academy 2015 Now Underway

Sixty-eight junior marketers took part in the first day of the...
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User Experience – Delivering Joy of Use and Consistency

If customer experience is the sum of all interactions between the...
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  • pma-thumb PMA – Special 3rd GMM Talk Series

    Date: May 27,2015 Time: 5:30pm (Registration) Venue:...