Eight Key Mobile Strategies You Can Apply To Your Business

    Mobile phone penetration in the Philippines is overwhelming. There are more mobile phones than people in the country. And with a 40 percent smartphone penetration rate, we have one of the highest growths in the Asian region. Surprisingly, local marketers are not taking advantage of this huge potential. For many companies, the mobile smartphone strategy is such a small piece of their total marketing budget. It's not that those in the business aren't aware of mobile's importance – they just don't...
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    August 18th PANA Digital Playbook

    A round of applause to the team behind the PANA Digital...
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    Get Ready to Dig Deep at the 6th PANAF IMC Youth Congress

    The quest to understand today’s youth has formed for them the...
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    PANA Supports DOT’s EDSA Outdoor Gallery Project

    The Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA) has pledged support for...
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    The Four Key Themes in the Lives of Today’s Youth

    The most admired brand in the world is Google. For providing...
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    Radyo Veritas’ Thanksgiving Agape

    PANA Board of Directors and Church leaders during...
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    • pma-thumb PMA – Special 3rd GMM Talk Series

      Date: May 27,2015 Time: 5:30pm (Registration) Venue:...