To PANA Brand Builders in the Time of Covid-19


PANA’s mission to promote effective, truthful and responsible marketing communications remains most relevant at these uncertain times of Covid-19 outbreak. Responsible brand builders that we are, let us steer our businesses and our dear consumers towards truthful information for calm and educated decisions.

We, your PANA Board Directors and PANA Foundation Trustees, with the support of our Secretariat, remain fully committed to serve the industry needs with your cooperation. Your organization...
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2020 PANA Board: Ushering the New Decade with a Perfect Blend of Wisdom and Dynamism

  L-R: Emon Nacino (Alaska Milk Corp), Joy Jolingan (Nestle Philippines,Inc.), Blen...
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Awards Night to be held on Jan. 31, 2020  read more

Martin Roll on the Rise of the Asian Brand

PANA BRAND MASTER SESSIONS 2019. We always look up...
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LEVI’S “Get Personal” wins the Grand PANAta Award 2019

Levi’s “Get Personal” was heart tugging and had...
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Mon Jimenez is PANAta Awards 2019 Head of Jury!

  The PANAta Awards is the country’s premier annual...
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