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Artificial Intelligence and Creativity

Artificial Intelligence and Creativity

[Everyone is Invited] AI opportunities for brand management abound! Explore with our panel of experts in this June #panagmm as they share their strategies and knowledge on how to engage consumers in more personalized, creative and meaningful ways. Don't miss this...



[Open to PANA and Non-PANA Members)     Unveiling the future of branding excellence: PANA Brand Academy 2024 x Asian Institute of Management (AIM). Enroll now and elevate your career journey! Secure your slot now: https://bit.ly/BrandAcademy2024

emerging methodologies

emerging methodologies

  Customer insight is one of the most powerful means to optimize brand success. Join this learning session that will share the emerging platforms and methodologies. Register today  https://bit.ly/PANAGMM_April2024  


Brand Academy

Brand Academy is a 4-Friday seminar designed for junior marketers and brand builders. This series of sessions helps provide a solid training ground for young marketers by equipping them with updated, industry relevant training and competence to get ahead of the game. The sessions are always grounded on current practices and policies delivered by marketing and advertising rockstars.

Brand Master Sessions

Brand Master Sessions (BMS) aim to raise the bar in the industry by featuring international gurus, giving our local brand marketers a global perspective and exposure to the world trends and issues.


General Membership Meetings are held every last Thursday of each month. Topics are curated according to the prevailing needs of the members. Speakers are chosen from the industry who are in the best position to share insights, perspectives and different points-of-view.


As part of PANA’s commitment to progressive learning for professional growth and continued advancement,various partners are tapped to provide educational opportunites to upskill, reskill or prepare members for advanced leadership roles. Outside partners are known and established in their own fields of expertise.

20% off on all degree and non- degree courses from Asian Institute of Management. (Insert link to AIM). PANA has partnered with CDM to enhance our brand builders’ competence in digital marketing. Inquire about the discount vouchers valued at P3000+. Part of the collaboration with Synergy is the extension of a special, exclusive discount to PANA member companies and their respective employees for this year’s “Consumer Insighting and Storytelling WebConference”, the flagship conference of Synergy, that provides inspiration and inputs for marketing planning and strategies through brand stories, data stories & consumer insights and studies.


CDM’s programs are highly rated and industry-validated with an expert-led design that caters to both beginners and experienced professionals alike so you can be sure of the quality learning you will get.

Take advantage of a special discount only for PANA members. Get up to 40% OFF on the programs below:

o Digital Marketing Analytics Program Batch 25: Jun 19, 26 (Sat)
o Search Engine Optimization Program Batch 06: Jul 3 (Sat)
o E-Commerce Program Batch 12 – Jul 10, 17, 24, 31 (Sat)
Email CDM at marketing@cdm.ph to get your exclusive coupon code now!



PANA Members Exclusive

At PANA, we support lifelong learning. Brand builders can now enhance their leadership competence to consistently achieve extraordinary results at special PANA discounted rates FranklinCovey Education Philippines. This April, courses offered are both ‘musts’ as they talk about core leadership characteristics and right work processes. Email PANA secretariat to find out more. #PANAprogressivelearning


[PANA Members Exclusive]

Certified Digital Marketer (CDM), known for providing standard certification for digital marketing and transformation, is NOW our learning partner! PANA member companies can avail of the Exclusive Discount Vouchers of up to 30% upon enrolment in CDM’s various programs. Email learning@pana.com.ph for details.
Not yet a member company?

Check out our website application at pana.com.ph and be part of this dynamic industry organization who supports #progressivelearning #lifelonglearners


Synergy is a visionary research company that provides evidence-based strategic inputs for better decision-making for business growth and digital transformation needs.
– Synergy is in the unique space at the intersection of management consulting, tradigital market research and data analytics.
– Our client-side, business experience and immersion processes coupled with our technical expertise allow us to emerge deeper insights from research
– we have over 20 years of experience, working with the Philippines’ Top 1,000 Corporations and some global Fortune 500 companies.
– Aside from tradigital market research, we provide services to help companies navigate their digital transformation needs from data-fication, to digitation, digitalization and digital transformation services through persona analysis, customer journey mapping and emerging expectations, etc.
– Synergy pioneers in thought-leadership conferences and seminars specifically touching on consumer insighting and storytelling to help brands/marketing professionals and decision-makers anticipate, create competitive edge and strive for excellence in the marketplace.
– We specialize in brand equity-building and understanding; strategic management consulting and positioning; gap and opportunity-seeking; segmentation; building insights, spotting trends; emerging innovative ideas/concepts, and data analytics; to name a few.


The Asian Institute of Management is the Asian pioneer in international management education. Established in 1968, its master’s and executive programs are designed to develop practicing managers and entrepreneurs to lead Asian businesses and societies. To-date, over 46,000 alumni from almost 80 countries around world have passed through its hallowed halls and have made their mark in enterprises, governments, and non-profits.

The Asian Institute of Management offers four (4) full-time and eight (7) part-time post-graduate degree programs. The full-time programs include the Master in Business Administration, Master in Development Management, the Master of Science in Data Science, and the PhD In Data Science. The part-time degree programs include the Executive MBA, Online MBA, Master in Innovation and Business, Master in Entrepreneurship, Master in Cybersecurity, Master in Financial Technology, and, Executive Master in Disaster Risk and Crisis Management.

These programs are housed under three (3) distinct schools. The Washington Sycip Graduate School of Business (WSGSB) runs the Master in Business Administration (MBA), Executive Master in Business Administration (EMBA), Online MBA, Master in Cybersecurity (MCS), and the Master in Financial Technology (MFT) programs. The Stephen Zuellig School of Development Management (ZSDM) administers the Master in Development Management (MDM) and the Executive Master in Disaster Risk and Crisis Management (EMDRCM) programs. The Aboitiz School of Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship (ASITE) is the newest school and offers the Master in Innovation and Business (MIB), Master in Entrepreneurship (ME), Master of Science in Data Science (MSDS), and PhD in Data Science programs.

The Master in Cybersecurity and Master in Financial Technology are the institute’s newest program offerings. Both programs were born out of the present-day needs of organizations in a rapidly changing business landscape that is a result of the global pandemic. The Master in Cybersecurity brings to focus the importance of mitigating cyber risks and protecting data. The program opens its doors to both non-technical managers, who need the added technical knowledge, and technical managers, who need to build their organizational management capabilities, to empower them to properly steer their teams in the face of cyberattacks and related risks. Graduates of the program will be able to develop policies, procedures, and technical solutions that comply with regional, national, and international regulations and standards.

The Master in Financial Technology (MFT) addresses the growing needs of companies to fully seize the opportunities offered by the exponential growth of fintech products and services, driven by the trend towards e-commerce and cashless payment options. This inevitable development requires professionals who are equipped with the knowledge and skills to harness and optimize the full potential of fintech. The Master in Financial Technology (MFT) is a dual degree program in partnership with a European university with triple accreditation, one of the most distinguished recognitions for any business school in the world.

There has also been a recent overhaul of the Master in Development Management (MDM) program. The widening social divides in both developed and developing countries brought about by unsustainable and non-inclusive development programs is untenable. As a result, MDM’s new curriculum offers students three (3) different tracks to scale their social impact, through: 1) social entrepreneurship, 2) transformative policy implementation, and 3) impact-first investing. These tracks allow MDM graduates the latitude as well as the flexibility and creativity to co-create scalable solutions to achieve the global priorities identified in the Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs.

In the plans, and on track to launch next year, are two new programs, the Master in International Business Law, and the first undergraduate double degree program offering a B.S. in Data Science from AIM and a B.S. in Information System from the University of Houston. The Master in International Business Law (MIBL) is targeted to professionals who are non-lawyers, who want to learn and understand the practice of law as it applies to international business processes and operations. In the global economy, the analysis of legal and business issues require a multicultural and multidisciplinary approach. Graduates of this program will demonstrate advanced knowledge and skills in analyzing legal challenges and business issues in a transnational environment. Additionally, they will be able to advise on strategies and best practices to mitigate risks and ensure business continuity and compliance with applicable laws as well as demonstrate a cultural understanding of issues concerning international law and business practices.

The Institute is also well known for executive programs for business and non-business organizations. A fourth school, the School of Executive Education and Lifelong Learning (SEELL), offers a broad range of executive non-degree courses for C-suite executives, directors, managers and junior-level supervisors. These courses are available as open enrollment and/or custom programs for both the private and public sectors.

As a world-class management institute, AIM is committed towards making a difference by promoting the inclusive and sustainable development of Asian businesses and societies. For almost 55 years now, AIM has remained true to its mission of developing transformative, professional, entrepreneurial, and socially responsible leaders and managers. In the pursuit of this mission, AIM offers leading-edge, participant-centered, and technology-enabled teaching and learning environment. This is further complemented by the Institute’s strong focus on impactful and relevant research and case writing. As a result, AIM attracts and develops an international faculty of distinctive excellence, supported by a highly skilled and trained staff, to deliver the highest quality education standards required by international accreditation bodies. AIM is duly accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and is a member of the Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM), Association of Asia Pacific Business Schools (AAPBS), the European Foundation for Development Management (EFMD), the Global Business School Network (GBSN), the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), and many more international consortia. As a world-class Institute, AIM nurtures and sustains a culture of collaboration and teamwork, inclusivity, equality, sustainability, and a growth mindset.

PANA members may now avail of an EXCLUSIVE 20% discount on all degree and non-degree programs at AIM. Email learning@pana.com.ph for details. #lifelonglearners