Get ready for the most exciting advertising convention put together by the most prominent brand builders for students and the academe. Final line-up of speakers and topics to be announced soon. Watch for it.



Oh, how colorful life is with creative lenses. Get inspired with these creativity experts lined up for you at the #YouthCreativityFestival on November 25. Attendance is FREE but make sure to register now to get the link and reserve your slot. https://bit.ly/PANAFYCF2022Registration

sign was inspired by the concept of a modern society where technology prevails. It represents a reimagined future which views continuous digitalization as an opportunity for the youth to make a change for a brighter and more advanced future. The elements of the design which illustrate perseverance, flexibility, and adaptability in the future workspace were executed with a modern, dynamic, and minimalistic look. The rich yet contrasting colors of light and dark values were inspired by the physical aspects of a spark of electricity which gives a feel of what it is like to be in the digital age. The overall branding aims to give the youth a sense of purpose and mission through empowerment. “

 This is how the winner of the 2020 Youth Creativity Festival Brand Competition Nastassja T. Sanchez interprets her design in response to this year’s theme “Future-Proofing the Youth”. The judges found the design youthful and vibrant encapsulating the fusion of values and technological skill set as integral parts of the next gen survivor.

 Hoping to be an art director someday, Nastassja is an incoming college freshman at the University of the Philippines-Open University. Barely warming her college days, she already has a feather to her cap with this award. She joined the competition in pursuit of her creativity and passion for the arts. Through the Youth Creativity Festival 2020, she expects the participants to learn how to harness their talents and potential and from the professionals in the industry who will be sharing their invaluable insights and experiences, she hopes to get more inspiration and direction.

 This logo design will serve as the official branding for YCF and as such will be used in all the promotional materials.

 The YCF is an online summit for college students and professors happening on November 25, 26 and 27, 2020. It is comprised of the Youth Congress and the 20 year old PANAnaw Awards Brand Competition where college students from public and private schools nationwide will participate in the design of a communications campaign.  The Youth Congress is a series of talks about real life success and failure stories featuring respected and renowned industry icons.