Membership Application Form



To The Board of Directors: Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA)

We hereby apply for the membership in your Association upon admission we agree:

A. To bind ourselves under the By-laws of theAssociation.

B. To adhere faithfully to the PANA Code of Ethics, Advertising Standards Council Code of Ethics, Consolidated ICC Code of Advertising and Marketing

Communication Practice, and Sales Promotions, and other policies promulgated by the industry-wide organization.

C. To abide by the rules, procedures, and decisions that may be promulgated by the Association in respect to the administration and enforcement of the abovementioned standards and code of ethics.

D. To cooperate in the implementation of the plans and projects of the Association in general, and of the
committee in particular.

E. To designate a senior executive of the company as Official Representative, and another as Alternate Representative to attend the functions of the Association.

F. To keep our financial obligations in the Association up-to-date and in cases of outstanding accounts, to
settle the same within thirty (30) days upon receipt of a written notice.

G. To remit promptly payment for the entrance fee and annual dues as follows:

Entrance Fee (one time).…….………… P 10,000.00

Corporate Annual Membership Fee….. P20,000.00

Note: A new member is required to pay the full amount of the annual dues equivalent to one year if the regularization took effect on the 1st Qtr of the year; 75% if on the 2nd Qtr; 50% if on the 3rd Qtr and 25% if on the 4th Qtr.

H. Upon voluntary withdrawal, to give the association sixty (60) days written notice.


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The information provided will be mainly for PANA use and processing. However, we may share the same with other PANA members who are interested to connect with you for business purposes. In these cases, we assure that reasonable steps are taken for the protection of your information and that the same is used in a manner consistent with the provisions of the law.