Here are the reasons why your company should be in PANA:

  • Collective strength of advertisers 

The collective membership of PANA, encompassing both large-scale brands and small to medium enterprises, endows our association with significant influence and a powerful voice, both within and outside the advertising industry.  This unity and collective strength surpass any impact that could be achieved through individual efforts alone.

  • Discover the value of self-regulation as PANA stands as a cornerstone of the Ads Standards Council (ASC), an essential aspect for regulated categories

PANA firmly believes that self-regulation is the most effective form of governance for our industry, superior to governmental controls. As one of the founding signatories that established the Ad Standards Council (ASC). The ASC is responsible for content regulation. PANA have actively participated in the creation and enforcement of the ASC’s Code of Ethics, Rules and Regulations and we require our members to uphold and strictly adhere to these standards.

As a member of PANA, you will receive regular updates from ASC, including circulars and advice on the latest guidelines and industry announcements. We can also conduct a PANA Session on ASC to help your team gain a deeper understanding of PANA and ASC’s role in industry’s self-regulation, the benefits of PANA membership relative to ASC, and a comprehensive overview of ASC’s process and provisions, among other topics.

In 2020, we launched PANA Assist, a dedicated A-Team drawn from our membership, designed to help fellow members navigate basic ASC concerns. This service is exclusively available to PANA members.

  • Discount on ASC (Advertising Standards Council) filing fees and other charges
    • Pay lower rates for S1 applications, special screening, filing of complaints or appeals and other fees (30% lower)
    • Receive free orientation, training or refresher courses on ASC
    • Have your concerns represented to the government on behalf of your industry or category (e.g. health supplements, alcoholic beverages, etc.)
    • Get assistance on relevant issues of company- member to ASC (e.g. research as substantiation, packaging as POSMs, etc.)
    • PANA member volunteers shares their knowledge and expertise on the ASC Code & system to their own companies.
    • Enjoy more benefits that are currently being negotiated.
  •  The Association acts as an industry spokesperson on issues concerning advertisers

The organization represents its members at industry and government meetings and discussions where the interests of national advertisers are involved.  As a liaison for the government, the Association generally opposes any type of control that restricts or represses the rights and freedoms of advertisers.

  • Education and training through monthly general membership meetings and learning partnerships with other organizations

PANA provides its members with various opportunities to improve their advertising knowledge and professionalism through monthly general membership meetings and learning partnerships with other organizations.  These opportunities include seminars, workshops, and open forum discussions, where members can exchange experience and ideas. PANA also offers online learning sessions, PANA Recommends, and other events covering topics such as advertising, media, digital, self-regulation, industry trends, economic forecasting, education and brand-building practices.  Invited speakers are usually industry experts from both local and international organizations.

  • Special discounted rates up to 40% from PANA’s partner learning organizations

PANA offers special discounted rates of up to 40% from its partner learning organizations. These collaborations aim to encourage continued growth and competence among member brand builders. PANA has partnered with prestigious institutions such as the Asian Institute of Management (AIM), Franklin Covey, Certified Digital Marketers (CDM), and Synergy.

  • Global Best Practices & Networking – PANA is the exclusive partner organization of the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) in the Philippines.

PANA provides its members with access to global best practices and networking opportunities. Through this partnership, members can connect with professionals from other countries, share insights on best practices, and address common challenges faced by the marketing communications and advertising industry. PANA members also have the privilege of attending WFA’s webinars featuring renowned speakers and mentors, at no cost.

  • Camaraderie and Networking in the marketing communications industry

PANA membership offers the opportunity to build valuable personal connections and camaraderie with fellow members, as well as individuals from the marketing communications industry. These connections can foster meaningful business collaborations and partnerships among member brands.

  • Government Liaison and Advocacy

PANA actively engages in government liaison and collaborates with various government agencies to promote the rights and freedom of advertisers. The association opposes any controls or restrictions that may hinder these rights. PANA works closely with regulatory bodies such as the FDA/DOH, DTI, DOLE, National Women’s Commission, and National Council for Children’s Television to address industry concerns and advocate for favorable policies.

  •  Media Discount for radio and print

Regular PANA members enjoy exclusive media discounts. Members receive a 30% discount off the rate card of KBP member radio stations and a 10% discount from various members of the United Print Media Group. PANA is continuously working to expand these discounts and make them relevant to all members.



Regular Member

Juridical persons such as corporations, partnerships or other organizations that are engaged in the marketing and advertising of brands, products and services with an estimated annual advertising budget of P10 million and above.

Download Regular Membership Application Form

Associate Member

Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises with an estimated annual advertising budget of less than Php 10 million.

Download Associate Membership Application Form 

Affiliate Member

Media owners/providers, advertising channels and media agencies who also advertise other than their own platform.

Download Affiliate Membership Application Form 


  • Always engage and network with fellow PANA members by joining our PANA Brand Builders Viber community and PANA Members Facebook group. Always attend our PANA GMM and other programs and events. Let’s keep the PANA fellowship alive!
  • Keep your PANA membership information updated all the time. If there’s a need to replace any of your representatives to PANA due to internal movements or resignation, kindly inform the PANA secretariat immediately.
  • Support our very own PANA and PANA Foundation projects and events.
  • Actively participate in various organization activities. Volunteer in any of the available committees. Be part of the PANA-PANAF Board and be of service to the organization and to the industry.
  • Kindly settle your PANA membership dues on time. Please email  your PANA secretariat for any queries about your membership or if you need any assistance.
  • Feedback, comments and suggestions to elevate PANA to the next level are always welcome and appreciated.