In photo: L-R from PNOC: Erma Lacsamana OIC-Corporate Communications Divison
Strategic Management Department, Ma. Rowena C. Raymundo
Business Research and Development Department Manager, Atty. Josephine Cassandra J. Cui
SVP-Finance and Administrative Services, Atty. Ronald C. Chua
SVP-Energy Investments, and President and CEO Oliver B. Butalid. Representing the Philippine Association of National Advertisers Foundation are Chairperson Blen Fernando, Board Trustees Wendell Labra and Aji Santiago and PANA ED Bobby Simborio.


The Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC) and the Philippine Association of National Advertisers Foundation (PANAF) have officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to collaborate on the PANAnaw Brand Communications Students’ Competition 2024. The MOU signing ceremony took place on April 19, 3024, at the PNOC Corporate Center.

The theme for this year’s competition is “Innovative Approaches to Resolving the Philippine Energy Trilemma,” reflecting the pressing need for creative solutions to the nation’s energy challenges.

In attendance were distinguished signatories from PANAF, including Ma. Belen M. Fernando, 2024 PANA Foundation Chairperson; Gilbert Santiago and Wendell Labre , 2024 PANAnaw Awards Co-Chairpersons; and Robert Simborio, PANA Executive Director. Representing PNOC was President and CEO Oliver B. Butalid, along with key executives and department heads.

The partnership between PNOC and PANAF signifies a shared commitment to nurturing talent and innovation in the field of brand communications. One of PNOC’s goals in this collaboration is to find creative ways of educating the public on energy issues and solutions. By providing students with real-world case studies and opportunities for growth, PNOC aims to contribute to the professional development of the next generation of communication professionals.

“This partnership is a testament to PNOC’s dedication to fostering innovation and talent development,” said PNOC President and CEO Oliver B. Butalid. “We believe that by engaging with students through initiatives like the PANAnaw Awards, we can not only contribute to their educational journey but also benefit from their fresh perspectives and creative insights.”

The PANAnaw Brand Communications Students’ Competition allows participating students to work on real case studies provided by PNOC, giving them practical experience in developing strategic solutions for real-world clients. Students will also have the opportunity to network with industry professionals and showcase their talent on a prestigious platform.

“The collaboration between PNOC and PANAF offers participating students invaluable hands-on experience, mentorship, and networking opportunities that can propel their professional growth,” said Ma. Belen M. Fernando, 2024 PANA Foundation Chairperson. “For academic institutions, partnering with PNOC and PANAF enhances their curriculum by providing students with experiential learning opportunities and industry connections.”

The case study provided by PNOC focuses on addressing current challenges and opportunities in brand communications within the energy sector. Students will be tasked with developing innovative strategies to enhance PNOC’s brand visibility, engage stakeholders, and communicate key messages effectively.

The PANAnaw Brand Communications Students’ Competition 2024 promises to be an exciting opportunity for students to apply their skills and creativity to real-world challenges while making a positive impact on the energy sector.


[About PANAF]: The Philippine Association of National Advertisers Foundation (PANAF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the practice of advertising and promoting ethical standards in the industry.






(L to R) Gigi Tibi, Chito Sobrepeña, Blen Fernando, Sen. Chiz Escudero, Willy de Ocampo, UP Tacloban College representatives, Adi Hernandez, Prof. Barnett Balberia, JC Catibog, Grace David, RG Gabunada

The much awaited PANAnaw Awards 2023, the annual brand communications competition among college students nationwide organized by the country’s   biggest organization of advertisers, is now open for registration.


Congratulations to all the winners of #PANAnawAwards2022.Our grand winner is University of Santo Tomas with their campaign “I can’t wait; let’s make it happen”. 1st runner -up is the University of the Philippines, Visayas with their campaign “Re-experience Excitement”. 2nd runner-up is De La Salle University Dasmariñas with their campaign “Take the Chance”. 3rd runner-up is De la Salle College of St.Benilde, Antipolo and the 4th runner-up is San Beda University. Thank you also to all the schools who participated!

PANAnaw Awards2022 goes LIVE today at 1pm. Witness the presentation of the 5 finalist schools vying for the most effective, creative and implementable brand communications campaign for Travel Club with member company Primer Group executives and industry rockstars as judges. Let us support all the schools who made the cut. Spot the brightest talents and watch them exhibit their marketing skills. Tune in https://www.facebook.com/PANAFYouthCreativityFestival

PANAnaw Awards 2020

November 27, 2020 (Friday) promises a day of learning and collaboration between the experts and the young minds of the industry.

Bear witness to the creativity and innovation of the industry’s future leaders at the PANAnaw Brand Communication Students Competition.

Join this exciting whole day affair for FREE. Follow us and click to join: https://www.facebook.com/PANAFYouthCreativityFestival

See you there!

#PANAnaw Awards 2020

From these 12, five (5) schools will be chosen to present their proposed brand communications campaign to a panel of industry luminaries. Witness the display of grit and wits as the students defend their masterpiece. Register to watch it happen on the last day of the Youth Creativity Festival on Nov. 27. Don’t miss this!







Since its inception, PANAnaw Awards has been designed by PANAF (Philippine Association of National Advertisers Foundation) to bridge the gap between academe and industry. Designed to train and inspire tomorrow’s marketers, it calls on college students every year to participate in a competition that showcases their key learnings in school to be rendered into a full blown brand communications campaign. Invaluable learning and insights have been gained from this endeavor as attested by past student participants.

The competition runs across a period of five months.

The Competition

Way before the schools are invited to participate, PANAF conceptualizes a theme which the students will work on. There were years when the theme involved social issues i.e.  sustainable tourism, launching the Pinoy to the World or responsible use of social media. At other times, real consumer products were tapped. Social advocacy or otherwise, the interest of the students is the primary consideration.  The key though is that it is relatable and actionable which means that it is good substance for the development of a communications plan that is relevant and timely. The invitation to the schools is disseminated only after a final theme is agreed on by the PANAF board. Colleges and universities nationwide are called upon to participate and are enticed with cash prizes and prestige that go with winning.

A product brief or a social brief which is meticulously prepared is released to the schools to equip them with the necessary background and data enabling them to be creative, resourceful and inspired.

PANAnaw Awards has been known as the most prestigious brand communications students’ competition and rightly so since it is organized and ran by industry practitioners who have dedicated themselves to effective brand building and communications.  

The competition culminates with selected finalists pitching their ideas through live presentations to a distinguished panel of judges comprising of academe, marketing and industry related professionals. In the past, it had also representatives from the branches of government with stakes on the topic. Over the years, people from the Department of Tourism, Department of Interior and Local Government, Department of Health and Department of Education have attended. This power cast have provided students with comprehensive industry grasps, invaluable realizations and the incredible opportunity to be employed by some of the country’s leading marketing firms.


Building brands that help build a nation has been the battle cry of PANA, the mother organization of PANAF. Prepping the current educators and future practitioners at grassroots level ensure that values of responsibility and truthfulness are inculcated early on. It is PANAF’s vision that when the time comes that the students become the leaders, the country has better chances of it being in good hands.  PANAnaw Awards provides the platform for PANAF’s three pillars of development which are education, technology, and values formation.

One of the immediate plans of PANAF is the introduction of PANAnaw Awards to the senior high school track challenging them into making documentaries on socially relevant issues. Since the industry has shifted technologies further expanding the marketing and advertising sectors, it is also imperative that the right values are in place for virtual presences and partnerships. Such partnerships will hopefully use digital technology to augment the Foundation’s goal to reach out to digital natives who need guidance in the branding field.

PANAnaw Awards is all about educating and training young minds to the right direction- responsible brand building- in an exciting yet fun and fair competition.