July 3, 2017

Consistency.  That’s what Golden Arches/McDonald’s’ has shown in the history of the PANAta Marketing Effectiveness Awards.  More than being consistent though, McDonald’s works have been leveling up.   Proof is in how they have consistently been sweeping the awards shows.

Bagging the Grand PANAta again this year for The Boy Who Loved to Study was a thrilling three-peat for McDonald’s.  So, how do you reward such an achievement?  You bestow on them the PANAta’s first Hall of Fame Award.

Introduced in 2015, the first Grand PANAta had McDonald’s name etched on the trophy, winning for Project Together.   The year after was no different a tale.  With its slew of Gold awards, the brand again bagged the Grand prix with Aldub Ko ‘To in 2016.

This year’s winner came as no surprise as McDonald’s.  To win the prestigious award was one thing, but to win it for The Boy Who Loved to Study just warmed the heart.   A post on social media called for support for a young boy who did his homework in the streets, under the light of the McDonald’s golden arches.  Digital-savvy, keen on social listening, McDonald’s and its creative team Leo Burnett Manila grabbed the chance, and made it grow into a successful advocacy.

“McDonald’s have always put importance on social listening as this is one of our great source of consumer insights that leads us to coming up with our campaigns.  We get to learn more about our consumers through social listening.   We get to listen to their stories and get to know them more-their needs, their wants and what role the brand plays in their lives.  Then from what we have gathered, we curate these stories and share them with the rest of the community,” shares Christina Lao, Marketing Director of McDonald’s.

According to PANAta judge Hans Roxas Chua, “This year’s winner of the Grand PANAta award, “The Boy Who Loves To Study”, really celebrates the spirit behind the awards. Hoping this inspires even more organizations to go beyond the usual parameters of advertising.”

Another judge, Ken Lerona says, “McDonald’s “The Boy Who Loved to Study” had the biggest impact on me. The first time I saw it as a viral post, it did not just make me cry, it inspired me even more to help school children like him.  McDonald’s follow-up campaign completed the circle of gratitude.  More often, we stop at awa and poverty porn.  What McDonald’s did was to show us that regardless of our status in life, we can be grateful.”

A PANAta win is already quite an honor.  But, consistency is a craft.  “The McDonald’s Team is very happy and honored to be receiving the Grand PANAta Award third year in a row and being recognized as the first PANAta Hall of Fame awardee. This recognition means a lot to the team.   It inspires us to continue maintaining high standards for excellent creatives  and to consistently embrace a creative process that rests on mining a human insight.

We would like to share this achievement with our Agency Partner, Leo Burnett as well as all the men and women who worked with us on every single McDonald’s campaign all these years.  We look forward in coming up with more campaigns that will build our brand story,” adds Lao.


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