August 13, 2013

pan_3042These days, the use of the term “multi-media” really rings true, with emphasis on the “multi”.

From good old TV, radio and print, reaching consumers through digital, mobile, Internet and out-of-home media have become quite as mainstream.

“Filipinos have the same limited time but have more media to consume,” says Nielsen Philippines executive director for media research Carole Sarthou at the 5th PANA GMM on May 30, 2013.

“Consumers simultaneously use different media to stay connected.”

The live focus group discussion at the GMM – the first ever in a PANA GMM – reveals whom Ms. Sarthou and Nielsen research dub the “Social Pinoy”.

Social Pinoys emerged as Filipinos grow more social and find more need to connect and interact with others. They are always on the go and use the Internet as a source of information and entertainment.

“At-home connectivity continues to increase,” says Ms. Sarthou.

“As consumers access the Internet at home, they go online more often and stay online longer.”

The four young women participating in the focus group discussion explains to a live PANA audience that they feel they have less time to sit down, read, watch TV or listen to the radio while juggling work and responsibilities at home.

They generally use their time more efficiently by reading only sections of the newspaper that interest them.

At home, they watch TV with the family while using their mobile devices or the Internet at the same time, and they get to listen to the radio on the way to work.

pan_3044“TV still consumes the most amount of media time, but TV viewing softens as Internet use grows,” Ms. Sarthou confirms.

“The news business is very much alive. Magazines continue to be relevant due to its focus on specific interests.”

“Exposure to OOH ads increased slightly in 2012,” she adds.

Despite the emergence of Social Pinoys, Nielsen finds ad spending still concentrated on traditional media: 76 percent TV, 18 percent radio, 4 percent print and 2 percent OOH in 2012.

“The way consumers consume media is complex, we have to compete for their attention,” says Ms. Sarthou.

“One platform may no longer be enough. We have to reach them through all relevant touch points.”

The means to connect with consumers are only getting better, stronger and faster. This is the world of Social Pinoys. Reach out and build lasting relationships.

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