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LEVI’S “Get Personal” wins the Grand PANAta Award 2019

Levi’s “Get Personal” was heart tugging and had extraordinary execution, meriting the much coveted and honor of a Grand PANAta Award.  Though the ad was released in 2018, it has retained its timeless poignant pinch with the audience still getting teary eyed after viewing it during the awards night.  The Grand PANAta Awards is the only award giving body that requires winners to demonstrate business effectiveness along with creative success thus the hashtag #StrategyExecutionResults.

 For criteria, this award is given by the PANAta Jury to the brand with the campaign they believe has executed the most game-changing, innovative, and effective strategies in promoting their brands to achieve outstanding results. Only those campaigns that have won GOLD in the Brand Builder Awards Categories qualified for this entry. These included Cebu Pacific’s “Juan Effect”; Levi Strauss Philippines Inc., II  “Levi’s get Personal Campaign”; McDonald’s  Philippines “Doodelivery”, “Frymoji”, “Hope for Marawi”, and “Walang Pasok”; and Nestle Philippines’ “Nido Serye”.

View Levi’s winning campaign:

The complete list of winners is as follows: