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    J&J’s Norriega and Arcilla on Going to Cannes, and going for the Gold

    This year’s Team PANA Philippines going to the 2013 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is Johnson & Johnson’s tandem...
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    PANA Launches Groundbreaking Partnership Program with Industry Stakeholders

    Busy would not come close to describing how PANA’s calendar looks in 2013.  One of the country’s oldest and most...
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    BYOB Creates Your Brand’s Digital Presence – Post Article

    For majority of brand owners and marketing communicators, the digital arena is still virgin territory, leaving digital media largely untapped. ...
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    Heavenly UK on the London Olympics, and Leveraging New Media

    The likes of the BBC and BT, that is, the British Broadcasting Corporation and British Telecommunications are on their client...
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    PANA Joins Asia Pacific APPIES

    United with Asia Pacific’s big names, the Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA) joins the APPIES as a member of...
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    2013: PANA’s Annual Economic Forecast & Consumer Trends

    To best prepare for the year ahead, the first PANA GMM talks are dedicated to economic forecasts and consumer trends. ...
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    BYOB Creates Your Brand’s Digital Presence

    Digital is undoubtedly the buzzword of the past fifteen years, at least.  Digital natives, those born in the age of...
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    PANA Brand Camp 2013

    New and exciting changes awaited the 2013 PANA Brand Campers. Representatives from Century Pacific Group, Globe Telecom, Golden Arches Dev’t....
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    PANA Inducts 2013 Officers, Board of Directors, PANA Foundation Officers and Board Trustees

    The Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA), on its 55th year of upholding self-regulation and responsible communications, inducted its officers...
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    Coca-Cola and Jollibee Win Gold at 4th PANATA Awards

    The PANATA Awards is an annual recognition program for outstanding marketing communication campaigns or advertisements that promote positive Filipino values. Launched...
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    October PANA GMM: Making Waves The Sound of Successful Brands

    The 10th PANA General Membership Meeting was held last October 25, 2012. This month’s discussion was entitled, “The Sound of...
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    PANA’s Official Announcement

    The Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA) recently announced that it is taking an indefinite leave of absence from the...
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    Ready… Sabak! Are you ready for the world?

    Myths amongst the young tell that a diploma from a reputable school readily guarantees a high-paying position at a well-known...
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    September GMM: Search. Like. Dislike. Share. Favorite – Finding Real Values on Digital

    “I think many of you, except those whose fiscal year starts in July, are already in planning mode for next...
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    August PANA GMM: Business @ Social

    The 8th PANA General Membership Meeting was held last August 30, 2012 at Hard Rock Cafe. “Business@Social” enlightened representatives of...
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