April 7, 2021

WFA has launched the world’s first-ever open-source guide to tackling diversity and representation issues throughout the entire creative process, from defining the business and brand challenges to evaluation and analysis.

Diversity & Representation: A Guide to Potential Areas for Bias in the Creative Process highlights 12 key areas where bias can occur and proposes questions that can be used as a litmus test at every stage. It also pulls together some key resources that can be used to tackle any gaps or areas of concern.

Every stage of the process, from creative briefing to insight and localisation to media placement, is illustrated with brand examples and the guide includes campaigns from WFA members such as AB InBev, Diageo, GSK, IKEA, Mars, Mattel, P&G, Philips and Unilever.

The new document has been co-developed by members of WFA’s Diversity & Inclusion Task Force, which launched last year, and which is led by the WFA’s diversity ambassadors Jerry Daykin, GSK Senior Media Director, and Belinda Smith, CEO Americas at m/SIX.

The document will be freely available to all PANA members through the FYEO page. Not a PANA member?  Fill up the online application in the website.


Global DEI Census 2023

Global DEI Census 2023

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