November 7, 2014

By Aye P Ubaldo

unilab-1The name is a mouthful: Mefenamic Acid.  Call it Dolfenal, for short, which recently launched its latest campaign #LagingGoodVibes.   Initially launched through Dolfenal’s social media assets, the  #LagingGoodVibes webisodes feature funny man Ramon Bautista and Youtube sensation and actress Ashley Rivera aka Petra Mahalimuyak.

The campaign kicked off with Rivera’s “How to Dance While in Pain” video. This was followed by the Good Vibes vs. Bad Vibes mash-up video featuring Rivera and Bautista dancing while in pain.  Dolfenal specifically targets the three most common forms of pain: dysmenorrhea, migraine, and toothache.

According to Hector Pagalilauan, Marketing Director, “Our continuing objective for this campaign is to empower our customers to enjoy life. Dolfenal is a mefenamic acid painkiller for users to expect relief from pain caused by dysmenorrhea, migraine, and toothache. With Dolfenal, you get rid of the bad vibes para #LagingGoodVibes.”

Already, the campaign is making an impact.  Take for example Ashley’s How To Videos – “How to Take a Selfie while in Pain.”  Since its launch, these videos have garnered over 10,000 views with favorable reviews.

Choice influencer Ashley Rivera aka Petra Mahalimuyak is a pain-free personality to lead the campaign’s fun-filled activities.  Dolfenal’s chill out and cool attitude is obviously refreshing, far from the clichés of portraying pain via toothache and migraine.

unilab-2The campaign is an anti-thesis to what pain relief medicine focus too much on, and instead stress on how wonderful it is to be pain-free.

The language, the attitude, and choosing new media are all in conscious effort to capture a specific, young market.  “Young people are talking about Dolfenal.  Social media is definitely one of the tools that Dolfenal is using in taking the brand to a get a young audience. TV and radio is very passive.  You don’t get to engage your audience, and might not be able to explain ‘pain’ in 30 seconds.  And, young people are asking specific questions about pain, and its relief on Twitter,” says Ashley aka Petra.

To know more about how to get Laging Good Vibes with Dolfenal and view the Bad Vibes vs. Good Vibes videos, check out Doflenal’s webisodes via or, or


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