March 12, 2014

pan_3583Every year for the past nine years, leading marketing communications firm JWT releases its global study of market trends that has become highly anticipated in the industry. On this, its sixth year of research integrating Philippine trends, JWT strategic planning director Pam Garcia presents the 10 Trends of 2014 at the PANA GMM.

The 10 trends highlight people’s push and pull affair with technology today – we can’t live with them, but we can’t live without them either, and so we try to live more mindfully to find an acceptable balance for technology in human life.

Immersive experiences

As consumers, people are looking for brand experiences that are richer and more engaging from start to finish.

Speaking visually

The shift to a visual vocabulary continues. Photos, emojis, video and imagery are supplanting the need for text.

Age of impatience

This is world that demands instant service, where same-day delivery, same-day edit videos or super-speed dating is the new model for products and services.

Mobile as a gateway to opportunity

Mobile devices are helping people change their lives, especially in emerging markets, by giving users more access to products and services, better health care, education, financial systems and business tools.

Telepathic technology

Apps like Waze, which helps consumers navigate using crowdsourced mapping and offers better routes to take as it monitors users’ movements and location, show how brands are becoming more adept at understanding consumers’ minds and reacting in a personalized way.

End of anonymity

New technologies combine with a growing drive to collect personal data to track and send targeted message to consumers, but the result is a growing paranoia in safeguarding one’s privacy.

Rage against the machine

At the height of this digital age, people are starting to unplug, to value human connections more and to balance the use of technology.

Remixing tradition

Social norms are changing. People are combining traditions with new ideas to create something unique and meaningful to them.

Proudly imperfect

The world has celebrated perfection for far too long, and people are fighting back. This is a time for the imperfect, the flawed, the quirky and even the messy.

Mindful living

There is renewed fervor to focus on the moment – to experience things in a more present, conscious way.

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