March 15, 2023

If there is anything the past two years have taught us, it’s that our life can change in a snap, so we must value the present and cherish every moment that matters to us.

This is the core of Smart’s new campaign, which poignantly unveils its latest brand tagline, “Live More Today.”

It may sound familiar with “Live More” being arguably Smart’s most powerful and enduring brand campaign from exactly 10 years ago. But, after rising through all the chaos and uncertainties of the pandemic, “Live More Today” resonates with Filipinos now more than ever. It just hits differently and evokes a much deeper meaning that makes it a fitting mantra for this day and age.

Still the Philippines’ Fastest and Best Mobile Network

The “Live More Today” campaign aptly coincides with Ookla’s latest pronouncement that Smart is still the Philippines’ Fastest and Best Mobile Network based on the latest report by the global leader in mobile and broadband network intelligence.

After making history as the first and only Philippine mobile operator to win Ookla’s Best Mobile Network award for the Q1-Q2 2022 reporting period, Smart set another record for clinching the award in the firm’s report covering Q3-Q4 2022.

To get this rare and prestigious citation, Smart won both the Fastest Mobile Network and Best Mobile Coverage awards within the same reporting periods of Ookla.

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