Last Sept 22 at the prestigious Seda Hotel, an exceptional display of the most creative and effective brand campaigns was witnessed by the marketing and advertising industry. There, awards and accolades were given to brands and the team behind them; collaboration was honored and excellence in strategic thinking and innovativeness were celebrated.

The much coveted award, the Grand PANAta Brand of the Year Award for 2023 is no other than RED RIBBON BAKESHOP, INC. entered by its advertising agency  BBDO GUERRERO with campaign title
“GIVE LOVE TODAY”, a heartwarming video that shows that all expressions of love which make a world of difference are as simple as a piece of cake. Red Ribbon  also won Brand Effectiveness Through Effective Use of Marketing Channels- Integrated  category and Brand Effectiveness Through Effective Use of Marketing Channels – Single Medium – BTL.

Furthermore, two additional gold awards were presented to Mountain Dew for its “SCRAPBOARDS” campaign, recognized for Brand Effectiveness Through Corporate Sustainability and Brand Trust and to Nestlé Philippines Chuckie for its “CHUCKIE SNACK N’ PLAY” campaign, celebrated for Brand Effectiveness through Creative Content Innovation. Additionally, Nestlé Philippines Chuckie earned a bronze award for Brand Effectiveness Through Effective Use of  Marketing Channels – Single Medium- Digital and was acknowledged for Innovative Execution through Mobile Award by MegaMobile.

McDonald’s Philippines garnered the most number of awards – a cocktail of silver and bronze trophies for various categories. “UNBRANDED MENU” won silver for Brand Effectiveness through Creative Content Innovation and bronze for Brand Effectiveness Through Effective Use of Marketing Channels – Single Medium- Digital. Three other Bronze medals were for Brand Effectiveness through Business Growth- Large Enterprise for “MCSAVERS MIX &  MATCH”, Brand Effectiveness through Customer Experience and Brand Effectiveness through Corporate Sustainability and Brand Trust for “MCDONALD’S M SAFE”.

Saving the best for last is the elusive and prestigious Brand Builder of the Year award. This accolade is reserved for someone who not only epitomizes the core values of PANA but also consistently demonstrates these principles through their inspirational work. And this year’s winner is Chrissy Roa of Ayala Land, Inc. Her unwavering commitment to the industry makes her the perfect choice. In recognition of her exceptional contributions, Chrissy has earned the privilege of representing PANA in the World Federation of Advertisers Brand Builder of the Year Competition, slated to take place in Toronto, Canada next year. We extend our warmest wishes and all the luck to Chrissy on this remarkable journey!

The success of any brand campaign hinges on the collaborative effort of a dedicated team! That’s why PANAta Awards places great value on the pivotal relationships that drive brand growth. The prestigious Brand Team of the Year accolade was proudly bestowed upon PJ Lhuillier, with special recognition for Mike R. Sena, Raymond C. Hernandez, and Eula S. Gubat. Their exemplary teamwork didn’t go unnoticed – with insights gathered from third-party suppliers, the jury unanimously commended the outstanding mutual support this team provided to each other. They truly exemplified  he spirit of unity and determination while working relentlessly to achieve their brand campaign visions and goals. This is a back-to-back win for team PJ Lhuillier.

Here’s the complete list of the PANAta Awards 2023 Winners

PANAta Awards stands as a beacon of achievement, a yearly industry event organized by the Philippine Association of National Advertisers. It’s a platform that honors the innovative, creative,effective and profound contributions made by peers and partners in the realm of advertising and brand building. Our distinguished jury comprises luminaries from both local and international industry circles

And the good news is, PANAta Awards 2024 is set to make its triumphant return in May next year as it celebrates 15 years of excellence and effectiveness! Get ready for another exciting celebration of excellence and effectiveness in the world of advertising and brand building. Call for entries starts in May 2024


With great honor and pride, PANAta Awards 2023 unveils the much-awaited list of campaigns that have successfully made it to the prestigious shortlist. These exceptional finalists will now face the discerning scrutiny of a distinguished judging panel, composed of luminaries from renowned brands, advertisers, media experts, academia, and esteemed advertising agencies. Their collective expertise will determine the ultimate winners who have exhibited outstanding effectiveness in strategy, execution, and results.

In a special category called the People’s Choice Awards, consumers are invited to cast their votes for their favorite campaigns. Voting will commence on July 28 and conclude on August 13, accessible through the PANAta chatbot on PANA’s official Facebook page.

The grand celebration of excellence and effectiveness in advertising, the PANAta Awards Night, will take place on September 22 at the prestigious SEDA Hotel in Bonifacio Global City. This highly anticipated event has been made even more remarkable through valuable partnerships forged this year. Notably, adobo magazine, one of our media partners, has played a significant role in creating strong awareness for the event milestones. Praxis, our trusted event and media agency partner, has been entrusted with the responsibility of media promotions and ensuring the flawless execution and staging of the ceremony. Moreover, Globaltronics, as the stage LED provider, promises to create a mesmerizing and exhilarating atmosphere, capturing the glitz and glamor of the occasion.

The event is set to be graced by celebrities, industry personalities, and prominent brand builders.

We are thrilled to announce this exciting lineup of events that will soon unfold. Without further ado, here are the remarkable campaigns that have made the cut:  PANAta_2023_SHORTLIST


A celebration of brand excellence and effectiveness is once again in the offing with the call for entries at the PANAta Awards 2023.
A symbol of achievement, PANAta Awards is an annual industry event organized by thebrand builders themselves in recognition of their peers’ innovative, creative and  insightful contributions inmarketing and advertising. Prestigious local and international Industry luminaries compose the jury.

This year, the event has been made earlier with the deadline of entries earmarked on May 26. Said timelineadjustment reflects brand builders’preference and sentiments as they  expressed in the last survey that this isthe ideal schedule when there are lesser brand activation programs and thus more time to prepare theircampaign documents. With this invitation for entries, PANAta Awards 2023 also revealed more exciting and inclusive categoriesrecognizing the ever-evolving brand initiatives and the new players.

In view of diverse business magnitude and objectives, a separate category has been allocated for SME’s so thatthey do not have to compete with the multi million budget of the bigger brands. This is the award for Brand Effectiveness through Business Growth where the entries are asked to show how  they have maximized theuse of data in propelling the brand’s direction. The brand’s creative use of media is highlighted in the category Brand Effectiveness through the use of  Marketing Channels. This is broken down into 2 sub categories to include single use and integrated campaign.

Big budgets are not always required to  achieve results as not all channels are always to be utilized.One just has to be creative and focused. Thus, these categories.
Latest addition of awards are in recognition of the brand’s significant partners in accomplishing its communication plans.
These include Creative Agency of the Year, Media Agency of the Year and the MediaNetwork of the Year. Only Brands/Clients can nominate for these categories. Here, harmonious and productive relationships of the involved parties and contribution to business growth are  analyzed. Quantitative and qualitative tests developed by a  professional psychometrician will be the basis for the results.

Having a well-known and respected figure associated with a brand can increase its visibility, credibility, andultimately drive sales. In the Philippines, endorsements from popular actors, actresses, singers, and athletes make a valuable contribution to the effectiveness of the campaign. As brands take a painstaking effort in its selection, a category on the Most Effective included. Both the Use of a Brand Ambassador has been Ambassador and the Brand get a Trophy.

The role of a newbie in the execution of a successful campaign cannot be overlooked. For this reason, an award for Rookie Brand Builder of the Year was also announced. This award is given to brand managers with 2-3 years’ experience in  brand work whose discipline echoes the values of  PANAta Awards – excellence in marketing and responsible brand building.

Here is the complete list of categories brand builders are vying for:

• Large Enterprise
• SMEs

• Integrated (combination of 2 or more mediums/platforms)
• Single Medium

BRAND EFFECTIVENESS THROUGH CSBT (Corporate Sustainability and Brand Trust)


  • Most Effective Product Innovation
  • Most Effective Creative Content Innovation
  • Most Effective Disruptive Innovation







To submit entries, CLICK HERE. Early Bird submission gets a discounted rate until May 19, 2023!
Announcement of winners and live awarding ceremonies are scheduled in
September 2023.

For inquiries email or visit PANA Facebook page

Special thanks for our partners…Praxis, our media and event agency partner. Vitalstrats Creative Solutions, our creative and communications agency partner. Our Media partners, Adobo Magazine, Meta, Monster Radio RX93.1, 96.3 EasyRock, Wish 107.5, Megamobile, the Philippine Star and BusinessWorld. Our industry partner, Ad Standards Council and World Federation of Advertisers.


The most effective Filipino brand campaigns recognized at the PANAta Awards 2022

Brands who have truly championed the PANA’s sublime value of responsible brand building in an effective and creative way emerged victorious in #PANAtaAwards2022 recognition night.

McDonald’s Philippines’ campaign “Classroom” once again bagged the  most coveted Grand PANAta Brand of the Year Award, dominating the category as the most game-changing and  innovative brand building effort that showed outstanding results, twice in a row.  This campaign was also cited as the most effective for Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility (CSSR) while its “Ride Thru Light Show” campaign also won gold for Customer Experience. A bronze medal for Brand Effectiveness through Business Growth – Large Enterprise was given for its campaign “M Safe : AHEAD”

This year’s two (2) other gold medalists include Unilever’s “Knorr Their Future” for the most effective use of marketing communication channels- single medium and Avon Philippines’ “#ComeAsYouArewithFirstGender-FreeUnderwear” for product innovation.

Silver medalists include Save the Children Philippines’ “QR for Hunger” for effectiveness in CSSR, Pepsico for “Pepsi Blackpink” for effectiveness through customer experience and Unilever Philippines’ “Knorr’s Nutri-Delicious Purpose” for effective use of Integrated marketing communication channels.

Bronze awardees are Ayala Land, Inc.’s “Alagang Ayala Land Social Enterprises digital marketing campaign” for effectiveness in CSSR, Sting Philippines/Pepsico’s “Sting – Energy Sarap na Humahataw” for effectiveness in creative content innovation and from the same company “Pepsi Blockbuster” for effectiveness through product shoot innovation.

Way ahead of the awards night, PANA followers have also voted for the People’s Choice which was won by Nutri-Asia’s “Silver Swan DoblengDishkarte”.

Innovative Execution through Mobile Award was won by Universal Robina Corporation’s   ​”Piattos Fun Way Gamification”.

Michael Sena, Raymond Hernandez and Richard Villaseran of PJ Lhuillier, Inc. comprise the Brand Team of the Year. This is the first time that PANAta Awards has given recognition to the brand team who has been commended by their industry partners i.e. media, suppliers and agency for their strategic partnership with clarity and consistency in vision and leadership.

Congratulations to all the #PANAtaAwards2022 winners for truly creating a fine representation of the Filipino brand builder. To prove effectiveness requires a business acumen with ears constantly on the ground. It takes an acute marketing sense to build on a human truth that can change behavior. Each of this year’s winners has not only done so successfully but their impact will be felt for years to come.

The prestigious event was streamed via PANA FB page and official YouTube channel.  Hosted by Cignal TV’s news anchor Julius Babao, with special performances from Kapuso star Ruru Madrid and next gen P-pop star Ver5us, it brought together the marketing and brand building industry as it progresses to new beginnings.

#PANAtaAwards2022 was made possible through the generous support  of its event & media agency partner, PraXis and creative agency partner Vitalstrats Creative Solution.

Special mention also goes to its media partners – Cignal TV5, GMA7, Monster RX, Manila Broadcasting Company, Wish FM, Win Radio, Meta and the Inquirer Group of Companies; its online magazine partner Adobo Magazine and chatbot partner Megamobile. The professional management of P&A Grant Thornton as the auditing firm and Ryan Alvin Torrejos, the psychometrician,  provided an objective and unbiased perspective on the evaluation and measure of the results.

The World Federation of Advertisers and the Ad Standards Council, 2 industry icons, have been consistent in encouraging a healthy and progressive competition to bring out the best in advertising practice and quality. For this, #PANAtaAwards is also very grateful.

PANATA Awards 2023 will be held in the 2nd quarter, earlier than this year’s competition and so we are giving a shout out to brands to be ready once again with their entries.

Meet the Jury of #PANAtaAwards2022. All Brand Builders – 2 from Agency side and 20 from Client side. All with a solid track record in marketing communications, brand management, advertising, enterprise building and most importantly #brandeffectiveness.

Winners of the #PANAtaAwards2022 will be announced on Dec 8, 2022.

Manila, Philippines, 9 December 2021 – The most creative and effective brand campaigns in the country took center stage at this year’s PANAta Awards. The 2021 awards night, held virtually on December 8, reflected this year’s theme of Hilaraya to encourage brand builders and the entire industry to move forward together with courage toward new realities.

McDonald’s Philippines’ campaign titled McClassroom was a runaway winner, bringing home gold citations for Brand Bravery, Brand Excellence CSR, Excellence in Brand Positioning, Marketing Innovation, Gawad Pandayon Authenticity and the much-coveted Grand PANAta award.

The campaign portrayed the transformation of McDonald’s party areas into a work-friendly McClassroom from October 9 to 23, 2020 for teachers to use for free as they shifted to distance learning. Done in a matter-of-fact approach with a true-to-life portrayal of the challenges that the educators faced made the campaign natural and poignant, truly deserving of a Grand PANAta Award.

Three (3) other special awards were given that night.  The Best in Brand Positioning was  won by  Nestle for Milo energy drink campaign titled Total Milo Home Court. Jury  for this award was  composed of the World Federation of Advertising (WFA) members who used a criteria set that reflect the standards of the organization members.Another one was the Brand Builder of the Year which was awarded to Mariel Chavez of P&G for her campaign Downy Bye Bye Bahayrus and Downy x BTS. The last special award was  PANAta together with Meta, Connecting for Good Award, won by Sun Life Philippines for their campaign Real World, Real Talk Series: Your Guide to Adulting. This award was given to the brand who maximised  the use of Facebook for the betterment of the community.

The prestigious one-and-a-half-hour show was streamed over PANA’s Facebook page, YouTube channel and media partners’ social pages. Hosted by GMA broadcaster Pia Arcangel with special performances from Viva Talents, GMA and Wilbros Entertainment, the show lauded the hard work of brand builders in this time of crisis as well as collaboration with the advertising and media agencies.

The other winners at the PANAta Awards 2021 are as follows:

“On behalf of PANA, we congratulate all the winners of the PANAta Awards 2021. Kudos to all brand builders who submitted amazing campaigns, making this year’s awards challenging for our jurors,” shares Marvin Tiu-Lim, PANA president and PANAta Awards 2021 chairman.

To watch the PANAta Awards 2021, visit PANA’s Facebook page or PANA Official’s YouTube Channel and relive the exciting moments of this year’s awards night.

About PANA (Philippine Association of National Advertisers)

PANA is one of the pioneer and distinguished organizations in the country comprising close to 300 members from various multinational and local companies engaged in advertising and brand building.

In the 63 years that it has been in existence, PANA continues to provide leadership, guidance and support in the promotion of effective, truthful and responsible marketing communications in the Philippines. To date, it has remained true to its mandate of championing self-regulation, protecting consumer interests and advancing the practice of brand building to global standards.


PANAta Awards 2021 Shortlist Revealed!

PANAta Awards 2021 announces with honor and pride the list of campaigns that have made it to the shortlist showcasing the industry’s best brand campaigns ran in 2020 which have exhibited excellence in strategy, execution and effectiveness. These communication materials will now face a jury that includes industry luminaries from advertisers, advertising agencies, media and academe to decide the winners. In view of the continuing pandemic, the GAWAD PANDAYON will be conferred again to celebrate brands that have shown courage, authenticity and creative effectiveness.

Here are the campaigns that made the cut . Click link: PANAta_2021_SHORTLIST