August 20, 2015

wyethMANILA, PHILIPPINES – Wyeth Nutrition, the country’s leading nutritionals company, globally marks its 100th year of being at the forefront of innovations in nutrition science. Its science-proven milk products made with the highest quality standards have been instrumental in shaping the field of nutrition science globally. It has also been consistent in pioneering research and development resulting in breakthroughs and many firsts that the industry has witnessed.

Through the years, Wyeth Nutrition has been setting the benchmark in the global arena with its steadfast dedication to provide the best nourishment for future leaders and pioneers. It takes pride in relentless innovations to address special nutritional needs during the early stages of life and bridge gaps in the nutritionals industry.

“We are grateful for the unwavering trust of Filipino families and the steadfast support our partners who have greatly empowered and driven us in reaching our global milestone,” said Wyeth Nutrition President and General Manager Eugene David.

Wyeth Nutrition’s history of pioneering noteworthy advancements in nutrition science started in 1915. From then on, it has continually paved the way for many breakthroughs in milk formulations that have significantly helped generations achieve their full potential and live healthier lives.

Wyeth Nutrition, maker of Progress Pre-School GOLD, Promil Pre-School and Bonakid Pre-School milk products, continues to pioneer nutrition advancements as the country’s partner in nourishing future Filipino pioneers. As such, the company undertakes great efforts to ensure the utmost quality of its products by subjecting them to rigorous quality tests and processes.

As Wyeth Nutrition celebrates its centennial anniversary, it is further strengthening its initiatives to lead the way in research, development and education through meaningful partnerships with parents, healthcare professionals and stakeholders.

“At the core of our commitment to pursue innovations in nutrition science is our aspiration to help improve the health and well-being of Filipino families and the succeeding generations,” David said.

To learn more about Wyeth Nutrition and its 100th year anniversary celebration, visit http://www.wyethnutrition100.com.ph or like its official Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/wyethnutritionph.



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