November 16, 2020

Focus will be on developing empathetic, entrepreneurial and ethical skillsets and imparting a keen understanding of Asian markets and marketing practices. The program is developed with Human Capital Leadership Institute and supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board.

WFA has launched its first-ever training programme, the Asian Marketing Leaders Program (AMLP) in partnership with Asia-focused centre of excellence, Human Capital Leadership Institute.

The initiative is designed to equip the next generation of APAC CMOs with the progressive leadership skills they need, with a people-centric focus and an empathetic approach to colleagues, consumers and external partners.

The goal is to create a cadre of future marketing leaders who are fully equipped to understand the unique and diverse challenges of the region and possess the people skills to inspire their teams.

Open to marketers and agency staff with 12-15 years of work experience, the programme will accept just 30 attendees – 80-90% will work for brands – from those who are next in line for regional leadership roles. Firms must nominate candidates before December 20th 2020.

The content of the AMLP has been designed to address many of the gaps in existing marketing executive training, with much of the content based around the missing skills and new priorities identified by WFA’s Marketer of the Future research.

Key differences from existing leadership programs include:

  • AMLP will combine specialist priorities with wider, leadership skills: while most leadership programs do not take into consideration the nuances of the marketing role, pure-play marketing development tends to skew towards executional excellence. The AMLP leadership modules have been specifically tailored with marketing leaders in mind, to provide CMOs-in-training with an empathetic, entrepreneurial, ethical skillset.
  • AMLP will address the Asian challenge and the region’s influence on the rest of the world: International programs can sometimes paint all regional markets with the same brush, while Asia-only narratives miss wider implications on the world stage. The AMLP will not only explore the impact of international trends and industry issues within Asian markets, but also the influence of first-to-market Asian innovation on the world.
  • AMLP will provide both academic rigor as well as real-life practitioner know-how: marketing programs that lean purely on experience can sometimes lack institutional structure, while tertiary education offerings miss the richness of marketer experience. The world-class AMLP faculty brings global thought-leaders and subject matter experts for a balance of technical skill and practical savvy.
  • AMLP will build a community of senior marketing talent guided by the best global marketers: The AMLP has been designed from the ground up, incorporating the feedback of Global and Regional Chief Marketing Officers from across the network. Global marketers who have already confirmed their participation include Ivan Pollard – SVP, Global Chief Marketing Officer, General Mills, as well as current members of WFA’s Asia Advisory Board.

The 2021 Asian Marketing Leaders Program runs from January 10 until March 8, 2021 with graduation ceremony planned for WFA Global Marketer Week, which will be held in Singapore from April 20-23. 

Details of the programme are:

  • Three modules delivered over eight weeks in intensive, two-to-three day blocks;
  • More than 25 diverse sessions comprising academic lectures and keynote addresses;
  • Pre-program personal consultation for each participant with one-to-one interviews with the Program team including orientation, strategic development planning and goal setting;
  • Robust inter-session stimulus with individual coaching and content development;
  • Post-program community check-in to drive engagement and continue the conversation.

For more information about the initiative please visit the Asian Marketing Leaders Program page.

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