September 8, 2014

araw-posterWhere did our values go? – This is the theme of the Araw Values Advertising (AVA) Awards 2014.

Organized by the Ad Foundation of the Philippines, the AVA Awards is a biennial advertising awards established in the 90s to uphold traditional Filipino values in the industry and promote responsible advertising.

The criteria is based on the Ad Foundation’s 7 Cornerstone Values: (1) love of God and respect for all religious beliefs, (2) commitment to truth, honesty and justice, (3) love of country and respect for national customs and traditions, (4) reverence for family unit or marriage or responsible parenthood, (5) respect and care for human life and dignity and the rights of all, (6) respect for law and authority and the promotion of self-discipline and (7) concern for and preservation of environment.

“This is where the Araw Values Advertising Awards stands unique versus other award- or recognition-giving events in the industry,” says 2014 AVA Awards chairman Ed Sunico.

“It’s the only industry event that has industry values formation and advocacy as its main essence and we judge based on this above all the other criteria.”

The AVA Awards is so far the only one of its kind in advertising in the world. It is on its ninth run this 2014.

The question of where values are heading is almost imperative today, some 20 years after AVA Awards was first created.

In the Philippines, the middle class is rising. Filipinos are earning more and spending more. They are also consuming more information over multiple media and devices.

“As an industry, we constantly need to ask ourselves whether we are contributing to the promotion of positive values through our brand and corporate communication,” Mr. Sunico says. We believe that the promotion and inculcation of positive values is vital to nation-building. Doing our share through the Araw Values Advertising Awards and other similar endeavors will assure us of a values-oriented citizenry in the many years ahead.”

The theme examines present-day advertising in the current state of Philippine society, wherein progress and economic development struggle to rise above politics, social and security issues and other challenges the country faces.

The AVA Awards aims to recognize good advertising – a creative and powerful expression of brands that at the same time advocates values, social change and nation building.

Competition is ongoing, and entries from industry members, non-government organizations and academia are welcome.

May the best values advertising win.


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