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THE PROPOSALS: The Indierectory’s 2nd Networking Night

February 19, 2021


Coming from the success of last years “LET’S RAKET: The Indierectory’s Networking Night,” we cordially invite you once again to the event that will help you find ‘the one’… for your next project.

That’s right! Now’s your chance to find the perfect freelancers for your business. Join us for “THE PROPOSALS: The Indierectory’s 2nd Networking Night,” happening on February 26, 2021, Friday 6PM.

The Indierectory (http://indierectorymanila.com/) is an online platform connecting business owners with independent talents, so they can work on projects together.

Sign up to join the event using the link below! We will be sending out food and drinks for you.


*Registration will be open until February 24, Wednesday.