July 23, 2020

Reshaping the Retail Landscape / July 30 12nn/

As consumer shopping patterns have changed in recent months, many brick-and-mortar stores are pivoting to delivery to keep their team members employed and customers supplied. While one might think of restaurants or groceries only when considering delivery, this channel has actually opened doors for all types of retail establishments.

The 7th PANA GMM which is EXCLUSIVE to members, has invited panelists from big, medium and start up transport companies, and a digital marketing director to contextualize the most recent Nielsen research findings. To be moderated by Ed Mapa, the conversation will attempt to understand the sentiments of marketers, consumers and transportation professionals around service experiences and delivery expectations.

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PANAta Awards Night Set for Sept 22

PANAta Awards Night Set for Sept 22

PANAta Awards Night Set for Sept 22 Get ready for a thrilling showdown at this year's #PANAtaAwards! 🏆✨ The anticipation is soaring, and we can't contain our excitement. Join us in celebrating the genius behind the most effective  advertising campaigns on September...