April 26, 2021

That’s all you will need in this FREE webinar organized by Philippine Association of National Advertisers Foundation (PANAF) and the Intersections Communications (ICI) in their effort to gather once again students, professors and young professionals from all over the country for networking of learnings and industry updates. Dubbed as the Youth Creativity Festival 2021, happening on April 29-30, this unique online event takes the participants on a journey to the depths and heights of the brand building industry. With 20+ advertising leaders, as the “pilots and tour guides”, sharing their campaign backstories, professors grounding the talks in the academic setting and students inspiring their peer, the “travelers” are sure to have a full adventure! A glimpse of the talks reveals that the practitioners will share their “immense passion about advancing a brand to its full potential particularly about making things happen”. Paving the road to cultivate creativity, they will paint a realistic picture on the evolving landscape complete with its challenges and opportunities. Innovative concepts like music data-based ideation, curation and production, gaming, monodrama and expanded concept of e-commerce will definitely take the “trip” to a higher level. Career destinations will also be provided the viewers for full appreciation of the horizon and broadening of perspectives. The more technologically advanced a society becomes, the more important creativity is!

This exciting event is a full packed 2 day escapade towards a promising future. To be live streamed over PANA FB, YCF FB and other major school organizations’ FB pages, attendees are sure to futureproof themselves for greater creative possibilities in the advertising world.

So get ready to board your flight to the future! Life starts when you want it to. #UptoYouth. Click https://www.facebook.com/PANAFYouthCreativityFestival and share away. For updates, please visit http://panaf.com.ph/.

As mementoes from this valuable journey, certificates of attendance will be given to attendees who complete the simple questionnaire.  Entertainment will be had from performances of The Vowels They Orbit and Gracenote plus many gift packs to be raffled off.

Join us!



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