July 30, 2018


When people work together in a particularly fruitful way that produces an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects…that is SYNERGY.  “It connotes dynamism, action and thinking forward. It’s all about hyper connection, being able to reach out to as many partners as possible. It is the only way to stay relevant”. That is what our 2019 PANA president Chito Maniago stressed.

This year, Maniago sees that happening with everyone’s cooperation!  With 300 member organizations represented by the exceptional and the outstanding brand builders in the industry , meeting at least once a month in the General Membership Meeting, exchanging ideas on best practices and affirming each other’s talents, PANA is confident to achieve its goal. “We encourage all members to be involved by joining the different committees” Maniago said. “In so doing, one finds an avenue to contribute significantly to the organization and to be of service to the industry resulting to personal fulfillment and network expansion. “

There are 7 committees which organize the major events of PANA .

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE takes charge of recruiting and engaging the members! Increase the number of members and assure that the current members receive worthy values out of their membership. That is the dictum of this committee.

GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING (GMM) COMMITTEE.  On a monthly basis, this committee curates topics for discussion to keep the members inspired and informed. It also solicits sponsors who are interested to tap into PANA’s membership by providing them time and space to explore complementary alliances.

COMMUNICATION AND BRAND STEWARDSHIP COMMITTEE. In charge of PANA’s e-magazine, PANAEdge, which is released every trimester. Be a contributory writer, assist in the social media platforms or help solicit ads for PANAEdge.   Whatever the chosen role, each is an important step in the process of disseminating valuable information that will project a positive image for the organization.

PANATA COMMITTEE. Spearheads the annual recognition for outstanding marketing communication materials and invites esteemed judges to evaluate the entries. Scheduled in July, this is a much awaited event for PANA.

PANA BRAND ACADEMY COMMITTEE.  Utilizing the best minds in the industry to share and impart knowledge to junior brand builders with 2-3 years brand experience, this committee oversees the seminar-workshops scheduled in September.

PANA BRAND MASTERS COMMITTEE.  As part of PANA’s commitment to uplift the industry practices, a compact one day seminar scheduled in October is organized to include top EXECUTIVES/ CEOin the corporations.  


REPRESENTATION, NETWORK AND LINKAGES COMMITTEE. Main task of this committee is to be the voice of the brands and the brand builders to the external stakeholders. It liaises with government agencies like DTI et al and other industry organizations like ASC for projects where brand builders can contribute their knowledge and skills. The committee is also responsible for proactively identifying current issues and possible new issues that may affect the industry, so that its management and strategy can be crafted comprehensively.


To sign up for your committee of choice, call the PANA office at 8940474-75 or email pana.com.ph



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