July 1, 2020


SM Cares and Safeguard recently teamed up for #SafeHandsAtSM, a campaign that aims to educate and encourage people to practice the five steps of proper handwashing – especially in the time of the pandemic. “As part of our safe malling commitment, handwashing is our first line of defense against illnesses, and is also crucial during a global health crisis,” said Tan.

And if handwashing is in the conversation, one brand is definitely not far behind. “Growing up, my parents always told me to not just wash my hands, but to wash it with Safeguard,” shared Tan during the press launch via Zoom.

As part of the #SafeHandsAtSM campaign, Safeguard has made its liquid hand soap available in restrooms of all SM malls across the country to help the community fight the spread disease-causing germs ( up to 99.9 percent of it, as those Safeguard commercials often say).

Information materials on the five steps of handwashing are also deployed in restrooms and high-traffic areas in SM to remind customers while in the mall.

While SM spares no effort in ensuring that Safeguard and handwashing stations are deployed in its 74 malls nationwide, it also encourages, not just its patrons, but also the general public, to observe proper handwashing techniques.

As such, its campaign urges everyone to follow these steps: (1) wash palms; (2) back of hand; (3) in between fingers; (4) fingernails; (5) and thumbs, and keep scrubbing for at least 20 seconds. Afterward, rinse and dry your hands thoroughly, since good handwashing is our most effective shield and protection from all kinds of viruses.

“Safeguard, being 54 years in the country, has become much of a household name. From our beige bar soap from long ago to our hand sanitizers and liquid hand soap now, we have always committed ourselves to serve the needs of the Filipino people, just like SM has. And in the same way, I believe that both have been ingrained so much in Filipino culture that it is only natural to do this partnership,” said Procter & Gamble vice president for Skin & Personal Care Shweta Sharma.

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