April 27, 2020

As necessary community quarantine measures are implemented by the government, people relying on their day-to-day subsistence – the informal sector, the homeless, contractual workers – have been sidelined by the need to contain coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19.

For all the tributes heaped on them, the frontliners are barely coping, with the lack of proper protective personal equipment (PPE) making them susceptible to the disease. In times of crisis, Filipinos are known to rally behind each other.

Countless groups and individuals have been mobilizing resources to reach out to those marginalized by the quarantine. This is why the PhilSTAR Media Group (PMG) is launching its own corporate social responsibility campaign called “Tala Para sa Kapwa,” a hybrid fundraising and information campaign in conjunction with the Group’s humanitarian arm, Operation Damayan. Target recipients of the project include communities that have suffered the most as a result of the community quarantine, as well as our frontliners who have had to work while sacrificing their own health. The Philippine STAR has turned over relief goods to Manila and Quezon City with the help of cash donations from donors Ayala Corporation, Metrobank Foundation, Robert Coyiuto, the family of Enrique Zobel and Anthony Trillo.

Apart from the donation of essential goods, the Philstar Media Group also heightened its information campaigns to promote awareness for truthful and helpful information on COVID-19 via video explainers, native articles, social media posts, and a COVID Watch Page print special. The Philstar Media Group is composed of The Philippine STAR, Pilipino STAR Ngayon, Pang-Masa, The Freeman, Banat and BusinessWorld as well as their websites and social media accounts.

Tala Para Sa Kapwa can give hope in these trying times.


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Pag-Ibig Monthly Savings Rates for Mandatory members

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