August 25, 2021

Given the situation, it’s fairly common to have misgivings about flying. Philippine Airlines understands this and seeks to reassure the passengers that they’re the very reason PAL flies safely.

Philippine Airlines’ new safety video honors those, whose reasons for flying outweigh their worry — the people who still fly to fulfill their duties to the country or to their families.

Set to a spoken-word piece, the safety video titled “Why” lists the many reasons people have to fly nowadays, as well as the many actions Philippine Airlines takes to assure the passengers’ safety in flight.

It shows some of the safety protocols that the country’s flag-carrier airline has implemented to meet the needs of passengers during this global pandemic.

It touches on the cabin airflow system that guides air downward so that it doesn’t move from passenger to passenger, the operating room-grade filter system, and the neighbor-free seating option when you book, among others.

How can such a dry topic be emotional? Well, one will have to see it for themselves.

As the country’s flag carrier airline with the widest destinations available, Philippine Airlines’ also demonstrates their wide reach by having their safety video viewable in Filipino and, soon, Bisaya.

Source: https://adobomagazine.com/campaign-spotlight/campaign-spotlight-philippine-airlines-shows-the-reason-they-fly-safe-in-a-heartfelt-video/



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