December 7, 2016

What is PANAta Marketing Effectiveness Awards?

new-panata-finalPANAta is the country’s premier annual recognition program for effective marketing communication materials.

Effectiveness can be measured through improved business results, key brand metrics, increased employee satisfaction/well-being, improved business partner relationship, etc.

Its objective is to recognize brands or organizations that effectively utilize marketing communications to build business.

PANAta Philosophy

Advertising and marketing related communications are important tools that effectively help marketers achieve brand objectives.  Marketing practitioners and brand managers must recognize how integral advertising and marketing related communications are to brand communications, and how to maximize its potential to get the best results.

In nurturing the marketing profession, the PANAta program develops and advocates best practice models of efficient advertising and marketing communications that drive goals.

PANAta Core Values

First and foremost, the PANAta gives merit to the highest achievement in marketing effectiveness, proven the best among the competition.

PANA advances the use of responsible advertising–in its art, message and methodology—on all the forms of marketing communications

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