August 6, 2020

Every year since 2009, PANAta Awards has celebrated and showcased brands and creative people who have successfully launched and proved that their work achieved outstanding results. Last year, it was the emotional ad of Levi’s that won the Grand PANAta Award with its ‘Get Personal’ campaign –a Christmas offering that not only tugged at heartstrings with its presentation of warm and real family values, but opened greater awareness with its clear message of inclusivity.

Despite all the challenges, brands have managed to develop meaningful campaigns that not only display their creativity but also their compassion and commitment to the consumers and the nation. This year’s theme Pandayon embodies just that. Pandayon is a portmanteau word of the Visayan term “padayon” meaning to continue and the Tagalog “panday” meaning to craft or to mold. Together it symbolizes what PANAta stands for – the unwavering determination of creating a masterpiece, despite all odds.PANA continues to celebrate brands with BRAND EFFECTIVENESS as the core criterion of every campaign.

The PANAta Brand Builder Awards include nine (9) categories – from strategic campaigns to endorsers to mediums and up to the consumer relatability. Entries are now being accepted for the categories:  

  1. Marketing Innovation (brands which have incorporated new marketing styles, ridden on current trends, or out of the box executions to achieve respective objectives),
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility (campaigns whose objective is to give back to the community while keeping true to its own brand proposition),
  3. Brand Positioning (campaigns that demonstrate the brand strength and solid brand personality)
  4. Customer Empowerment (brand campaigns that aim to inspire consumers, empower the minorities and bind the brand promise to social issues)
  5. Brand Rookie of the year (NEW brands that have shown success in its launch phase),
  6. Endorser of the Year (effective use of celebrity or influencer that have made direct impact to brand growth )
  7. Best Localized Ads(brands that have exhibited effective influence to their target region or ethnic group)
  8. Brand Bravery (turn- around campaigns that succeeded despite formidable competition and a challenging business climate)
  9. Effective Medium Use (campaigns whose strategic use of the SPECIFIC ATL MEDIUM helped achieve the brand and business objectives)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  From the Brand Positioning Category, campaigns that garnered high points during the initial screening will be qualified for another round of judging by the WFA-appointed set of judges who will be giving the WFA BEST BRAND POSITIONING AWARD.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Other highlights include the Gawad Pandayon, Grand PANAta and Brand Builder of the Year. Gawad Pandayon will be given to the brand campaign that stood out amid these challenging times, providing inspiration and stimulus with their authentic voice and creative campaign execution and serving as beacon of hope for consumers and anchor for other brands to emulate. Entries for Gawad Pandayon categories must have been aired or used in any form of media from March 2020 to September 2020.

On the other hand, Grand Panata Award is given to the brand that has executed the most game-changing, innovative and effective strategy to achieve outstanding results while uplifting the values of the brand.  Only those campaigns that have won GOLD in the Brand Builder Awards Categories are eligible to win the Grand PANAta.

 BRAND BUILDER OF THE YEAR is a new category that will be given to the year’s outstanding “brandman” who has made an impact in brand building through business creativity and innovation, echoing the values of PANAta Awards.

One of the more interesting features of PANAta Awards is the People’s Choice Awards which elicit audience engagement since the PANA supporters get the chance to vote via chatbot.

Applications are open to all advertisers, advertising agencies and suppliers, media agencies and suppliers, schools / school organizations, government agencies and non-government organizations legally registered in the Philippines.

Qualified entries are those that have been aired or used in any form of media from January 2019 – December 2019. To register click: https://pana.com.ph/panata-v2/index.php .

PANAta Awards 2020 presentation ceremony is on December 8, 2020 via online streaming.

Together, we rise! Be a leader. Be honored.

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