1. Individuals who subscribe to Smart Postpaid SIM-Only Plan  999 via            new connect application will get an additional FREE  3GB data during their plan subscription.
2. The offer shall be available to the following new connect                   applications:
              a. Non-Smart subscribers who would like to apply for Smart                                           Postpaid SIM-Only Plan 999.
              b. Existing Smart subscribers who would like to avail of  Smart                                        Postpaid SIM-Only Plan 999 as an additional line.
              c. Non-Smart subscribers who would like to switch to                                                           Smart Postpaid SIM-Only Plan 999 via the Inter Mobile                                                  Network Portability (Inter MNP).
3. Postpaid plan applications can only be coursed through Smart Stores or the dedicated Postpaid Interest Form for PANA  Members (
4. The individual must present his/her company ID and PANA           Membership Certificate (obtained through                                   rewards-1/) during the postpaid  application process in order to be eligible for the Free 3GB data crediting.
5. The Free 3GB data will be credited to all new connect Smart  Postpaid SIM-Only Plan 999 activated accounts within the promo period.
                a. Details of FREE 3GB:
                       i. FREE 1GB data – credited on the 3rd month after                                                              activation
                        ii. FREE 2GB data – credited on the 6th month after                                                              activation.
6. The FREE 3GB data credited on 2 separate months will be valid for 30 days each.
7. Standard Smart Postpaid application procedures apply.
8. Postpaid plan application is subject to credit approval.
9. This offer is not valid in conjunction with other promos of  Smart                Communications Inc.
10. The offer is not available to Corporate postpaid accounts.

Simply present the following:

• PANA Membership Certificate. [Download certificate HERE]
• latest/current employee ID
• a copy of this promo ad