April 21, 2020







Guided by our fundamental mission to champion responsible brand building,
we, the Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA) Board Directors
and PANA Foundation (PANAF) Trustees support the call for the legislative
franchise renewal of ABS-CBN.

PANA, now on its 62nd year, is comprised of the country’s most effective
brand builders, serving in major multinational companies and local

With the TV industry dominated by only a few networks, PANA believes that
fair competition remains necessary to ensure that the marketplace is rife with
the best offers for the public to enjoy. The presence of healthy competition
results to better content development and the upliftment of industry

More importantly, it provides advertisers more options and appropriate
channels for the efficient and effective delivery of the brands’ marketing
communication messages to the target audiences.

ABS-CBN also is one of our key partners in implementing industry selfregulation.                              Execution of this unique industry principle has ultimately held
advertisers accountable to the Filipino consumer. Through its relevant and
well thought-out entertainment and news programs, the station has been and
continues to be one of PANA’s staunch partners in nation building. In the
recent past, PANA and PANA Foundation have designed projects that will
reach out to the SME’s and educational institutions from various parts of the
Philippines to further strengthen its resolve to contribute significantly to the
country’s economic growth.










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