October 16, 2020

Two celeb-wives superstars came together to catch up on married life and life in the kitchen. But what’s Sarah’s latest supreme cooking discovery?

Whether you’re an experienced cook or a newbie in the kitchen, there’s one thing you’re after: delicious-tasting and balanced or healthy dishes that the family will love. In order to do this, though, oftentimes, you will need to incorporate – combine and layer several ingredients in order to create supremely delicious and aromatic dishes.

But what if you could confidently achieve this through an innovative, all-in-one kind of cooking aid?

That’s what the new MAGGI® Supreme Sarap All-in-One Cooking Sauce hopes to do for you

In an hour-long Facebook Live event, the latest superstar celebrity wife to become part of the MAGGI® family, newlywed Sarah Geronimo-Guidicelli, excitedly gushed about this product with another celebrity mom who is well-known for her culinary skills, Ms. Judy-Ann Santos-Agoncillo.

Apart from catching up on their lives — from Judy-Ann needing to multi-task more than ever, especially with family members being on lockdown together, to Sarah’s new realizations about herself as a new wife and homemaker — they exchanged stories about their cooking experiences and shared tips and hacks to cook tasty and nutritious dishes.

Sarah asked for advice from Judy-Ann, as the more experienced between the two. She realized that being a new homemaker, she should not only be after the flavor of her dishes, but ensure that they’re healthy, too. She also realized that she isn’t cooking just for herself, but she makes it a point to make her husband enjoy her cooking.

So while “Ate Juday” did have a lot of practical advice to give in many aspects of running a household, the conversation eventually shifted towards Sarah’s excitement about the new MAGGI® Supreme Sarap All-in-One Cooking Sauce.

Sarah even took things to a supreme level by demonstrating how easy it was to use the product to add flavor to dishes by cooking Supreme Chopsuey live, for viewers to witness

She discovered that her initial fears about being a newbie cook have now turned into confidence. With MAGGI® Supreme Sarap All-in-One Cooking Sauce, Sarah is sure that her dishes have added  MAGGI® Supreme Meaty-Linamnam Taste, Supreme Lapot Texture, and Supreme sa Langhap Aroma. It has a balanced combination of soy, oyster, onion, garlic and meaty flavors. 

From adobo, to pancit, to stir-fried dishes, as a marinade and more, she invites everyone — whether a veteran cook like Juday, or a newbie like herself — to try using this all-purpose product to elevate our own everyday dishes in a supreme way. It’s available in leading in groceries and supermarkets in Luzon in a 60g sachet, or 360g bottle. Now that’s great value for money!

To learn more about MAGGI Supreme Sarap all-in-one cooking sauce, visit the MAGGI PH Facebook Page or visit maggi.ph! #MaggiSupreme Sarap.

Happy cooking!


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