June 30, 2015

Great Taste, a local coffee brand, moves up six notches to become the fifth most chosen brand of Filipino consumers in 2014. According to Kantar Worldpanel Philippines’ Brand Footprint ranking, Great Taste leaps to 5th from 11th place due to a 40% increase in Consumer Reach Points (CRPs). However, Nescafe still clinches the top spot with Lucky Me trailing close behind.

Kantar Worldpanel’s Brand Footprint research provides information on real consumer behaviour. Consumer Reach Points (CRPs), which form the basis of the ranking, is an innovative metric that measure how many households around the world are buying a brand (penetration) and how often (frequency), providing a true representation of the shopper’s choice.

According to Alexandre Duterrage, General Manager at Kantar Worldpanel Philippines, Great Taste attracted 293 million additional shoppers in 2014. It also experienced an increase in frequency of purchase by 4 times more on the average. “Based on the data that we have, the success of Great Taste is propelled by the shift from traditional “pure black coffee” to 3-in-1 coffee mixes, particularly Great Taste White  and the introduction of multi-serve packaging formats,” he said.

Meanwhile, Nescafe recorded 890 billion CRP in 2014, 44 billion more than Lucky Me (846 CRP). Completing the top 5 are Surf (648 billion CRP), Milo (518 billion CRP) and Great Taste (515 billion CRP).

The 10 Most Chosen Brands in the Philippines revealed by Kantar Worldpanel’s Brand Footprint study are:

Rank Brand Consumer Reach Points (Billion) Penetration


Frequency of purchase CRP Growth % 2014 vs 2013
1 NESCAFE 890 92.1 44.6 -11%
2 LUCKY ME 846 97.9 39.9 -10%
3 SURF 648 89.1 33.6 6%
4 MILO 518 85.6 28.0 -1%
5 GREAT TASTE 515 73.5 32.4 40%
6 PALMOLIVE 509 81.7 28.8 0%
7 BEAR BRAND 470 87.5 24.8 -5%
8 AJINOMOTO 412 84.8 22.4 -10%
9 SAFEGUARD 386 91.8 19.4 -3%
10 SILVER SWAN 380 81.1 21.7 -1%

Rising brands

Kantar Worldpanel Philippines also listed the top 10 rising brands in the country, which recruited an average of 74 million more homes compared to 2013. Among these emerging stars, only 3 local names found their way to the top 10: Great Taste, Datu Puti and Silver Swan.


Rank Rank Movement Brand Consumer

Reach Points (Million)

CRP Growth % 2014 vs 2013
5 6 GREAT TASTE 515 40%
18 5 SUNSILK 261 22%
42 11 PEPSI 104 10%
33 7 DOVE 139 10%
19 3 DOWNY 255 7%
3 = SURF 648 6%
12 = CREAMSILK 368 2%
6 -1 PALMOLIVE 509 0%
17 2 DATU PUTI 261 -1%
10 -1 SILVER SWAN 380 -1%

As most brands struggled to grow in 2014, Datu Puti and Silver Swan managed to maintain their ranking in terms of consumer touchpoints (both with a -1% CRP %change). Kantar Worldpanel notes that stable ranking can be attributed to commercials about the product’s system usage (i.e. using vinegar and soy sauce of the same brand when cooking), and the introduction of new flavours especially for the vinegar category where both brands have product offerings.

Other PH Brand Footprint highlights:

  1. Importance of personal and home hygiene
    • Calla (a detergent brand manufactured by Peerless) lands into the top 20 Home Care items, surpassing 13 brands. It enticed more households with its budget-friendly offer and gentle-to-hands proposition.
    • Silka and Charmee’s positions in Health & Beauty inched up with a CRP increase of 7% and 5%, respectively. Filipino endorsers, product quality and affordable prices are amongst their success factors.
  2. Products with social function grew well – seen in Health & Beauty and Beverages
    • Dove enhanced consumer touchpoints by 9%, moving up one notch in the health & beauty sector ranking. Thanks to its crusading campaign for real beauty which resonates with consumers emotionally and encourages purchase not only in PH but across the world.
    • Krem Top is now amongst the top 20 Beverages in PH, jumping by 8 points as it reached more shoppers with the help of its “Change for the Better” campaign which aims to challenge individuals to always strive to become better.
  3. Speed and convenience
    • Ready-to-eat snacks and drinks such as Presto, Clover, Dutch Mill, Pepsi and Royal Tru Orange performed well (CRP growth rates in order: 3%, 4%, 9%, 10% and 18%) as consumers are increasingly turning to FMCG to satisfy hunger between meals.


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