August 13, 2013

Justine Ferrer and Angeline Go, Team PANA Philippines to last year’s Cannes Lions Young Marketers brought home the Gold. This year, the duo shared tips, advice and experience on their journey.

Plan in Analog
Plan and agree on your process
Don’t go with your first idea
Put yourself in the shoes of competition and judges
Choose what makes sense in both your mind and heart

Create Dreams, not Ideas
Be Bold. Think beyond convention and imitations
The product or idea should go beyond being a means to an end. In itself, it should represent something meaningful.
Do research!

Tell a Story
The Creative Presentation is not the same as the Creative Brief
Seek to evoke a response as opposed to passive listening
Use hooks. Use rich, zippy words. Use striking visuals.

As Go and Ferrer wowed the Cannes Lions judges, the young ladies dispensed first-hand gold nuggets to an eager audience of aspiring young marketers. Go emphasized the importance of writing the script, while Ferrer was declared how crucial it was to rehearse, and strictly stick by what has been prepared.

Time constraints can kill a well-prepared piece. To this, Go and Ferrer said, “There is no point to a great story if you don’t have the time to relate it.


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