December 13, 2022

Andrew Tan-led Emperador Inc., through Casa Pedro Domecq, is expanding its winery in Mexico.

Also known as Bodegas Domecq and 50 percent owned by Emperador, Casa Pedro Domecq specializes in making wine and tending vineyards. The expansion will support the continued and long-term growth of the winery.

Grupo Emperador Spain CEO Joan Cortes Vilardell said the winery business is showing great promise and prospects even as Casa Domecq is known for its popular brandies in Mexico, namely Presidente, Don Pedro and Azteca de Oro.


The contribution from this winery has helped Casa Domecq in Mexico to maintain growth since 2017 when Emperador made the investment.

As part of the expansion, Casa Domecq will be planting more vineyards.

“We are very much honored to have a role in the advancement and recognition of the wine-making tradition in Mexico through Bodegas Domecq. Bodegas Domecq’s winemaker Alberto Verdeja has been passionate about the winery for over 20 years. He makes some of the best wines in Mexico. At Bodegas Domecq, Alberto has made his wines the spearhead of the Mexican wine market in the world,” Vilardell said.

Bodegas Domecq recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, consolidating the company’s position as a major winery in Mexico.

Domecq was founded in 1730 in Jerez de la Frontera and arrived in Mexico in 1948, making wine in small wineries in Zacatecas or Aguascalientes mainly for the creation of brandies. The physical winery was born in 1972, marking 50 years of Bodegas Domecq this year.

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