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Ten years ago, IAJE began distributing and marketing portable videoke microphones. In 2003, a partnership between IAJE and the Department of Tourism was formed which led to the birth of the WOW! brand. It was IAJE’s commitment to be a tourism volunteer, thus the Sing Through The Philippines tourism advocacy campaign was launched, turning the WOW! products into tourism promoting tools that showcase the Philippines’ best – be it historical sites, culture, food, festivals, flora, fauna, and many more.

IAJE constantly works with partners and stakeholders to deliver products utilizing the latest technology and innovations in the industry to give the best Videoke experience to Filipinos. With the consumers’ ever increasing demand for better and more technologically advanced products that the supplier at that time could not provide, IAJE partnered with RealSound Corporation (RSC) in 2009 to bring about this new era in videoke entertainment. RSC is the distributor of videoke products from TJ Media Co. Ltd, a publicly listed corporation and market leader in the commercial karaoke industry in South Korea. IAJE granted permission for RSC to brand its products as WOW! VIDEOKE PREMIUM™.

WOW! VIDEOKE PREMIUM™ is basically miniaturized commercial karaoke machine that is more highly advanced – with video backgrounds, professional sound, live instrument recordings, and a host of other features. It also provides superior videoke entertainment and technology experience not found in other portable karaoke devices today. WOW! VIDEOKE PREMIUM™ offers the BEST SONGS (selection), the BEST SOUND (quality), and the BEST VIDEOS. In addition, the Music Revolution – a technology that makes the songs sound as close to the original as possible, powers it all. With TJ Media’s recent acquisition of DREAM SAS France, one of the largest sound chip makers in the world, customers are assured that WOW! VIDEOKE PREMIUM™ will have the best sound quality available in the market.

But it does not end there. To enable every “Juan” and “Maria” to enjoy the WOW! experience, IAJE introduced the WOW! VIDEOKE FIESTA™. The latest model, WOW! FIESTA DVD Karaoke, is a Videoke player and DVD player in one.

IAJE / WOW! VIDEOKE™ upholds and supports the music industry and copyright laws, thus committed to market only products that are licensed.

Like a true Filipino, IAJE / WOW! VIDEOKE™ will remain grounded by being true to its advocacies of celebrating life, promoting Philippine tourism, and supporting the local music industry.