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toweroneAs the real-estate arm of Ayala Corporation, one of the largest and most respected business houses in the Philippines, we at Ayala Land are proud of the 175-year old tradition of excellence the Ayala brand has to offer.

Like our parent company, we are committed to innovating continuously and to pioneering the future of land and property development in the country.

For over 80 years since the establishment of a real-estate department in Ayala Corporation, we have strived to maintain our position as the premier developer in the Philippines.

Beginning in the 1940s, we transformed what was deemed a marginally useful tract of agricultural land into the thriving, green, and cosmopolitan Makati business and cultural district of today.

Using this breakthrough as our inspiration and benchmark, we pursue our passion to develop sustainable properties and communities that will continue to generate greater value over time.

By developing premier residential villages, commercial and residential buildings, industrial business parks, and shopping and cultural enclaves at multiple price ranges, we inspire Filipinos all over the country to achieve their dreams.

At the core of our brand today is the belief that all Filipinos, regardless of their station in life, are entitled to a clean and sound environment and a place they can proudly call their own.
We invite you to partner with us in our mission to enhance land and protect the environment, build more homes and communities, and inspire greater commercial progress and sustainable development in years to come.