August 13, 2013

Part and parcel of PANA Brand Camp, the country’s top advertising names returned for the third time to choose the most worthy to team and brief to land in Cannes Lions 2012.

Setting the bar of competition to global standards, the panel of judges included David Guerrero-Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of BBDO Guerrero, Melvin Mangada- Executive Creative Director and Managing Partner of TBWA Santiago Mangada Puno, Jos Ortega-Founder and Chairman of BrandLab, and Raoul Panes-Chief Creative Officer of Leo Burnett Manila.

On this 3rd PANA Brand Camp, for the first time the judges were unanimous in their choice of the top three teams. Ranking the teams’ briefs in terms of presentation, clarity and purpose defined the thin lines whereupon the winning team emerged.

Jos Ortega:
Prioritize what to do with the 5 minutes, and avoid items that lack clarity. Be ruthless as to the time allocations when you tell your story. Creating the content is one thing, and creating the presentation is another. As contestants, you have to be brave enough have a point of view, whether good or bad, or else be in a sea of sameness.

There is so much improvement on Brand Camp. The teams created much improved slide presentations. To the PANA Brand Camp organizers, ‘Keep it up!’

Raoul Panes on 3rd place Team Coca-Cola Export Corp.:
This team was one of the few that clearly identified, and defined, the problem. They had a clear product and clear direction to the agency. A clear brief to the agency always gets check marks. For me, cool is not something that you manufacture. Cool happens.

Melvin Mangada on 2nd place Team Nestlé:
We chose this brief because it was a big idea. The team used existing institutions and channels—the top three TV networks—to implement something big, and used them to influence across media. I thought it was an inspiring project to work on.

David Guerrero on 1st place Team Johnson & Johnson:
The OPM brief/challenge was a good learning experience for me. We were hoping for something to identify what the purpose and motivation was for the audience. The advent of digital technology is a challenge for us agencies: How do we bring brands into the digital age?
One of the good things about digital is that you make use of things to play with, that they can give something and give something back to you. This team questioned the original challenge

and improved the value proposition. The team showed that the problem was illegal downloads and piracy, and not Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.

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