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Webinar + : Crisis clinic – Managing your agency remuneration models during and after the Covid-19 crisis

June 1, 2020

Join this interactive panel and clinic to hear how experts are expecting Covid-19 to impact global agency remuneration models, and how you can reasonably respond as a brand.

Panelists will be asked a series of questions such as: As a brand, which innovative ways can I use to meet my ‘new’ financial objectives without damaging relationships and health of my agencies? Whilst some agencies put their staff on furlough, should I expect a change on the model and level of remuneration that was initially negotiated? How can I evolve my performance-based model to ensure it is still relevant now and post-crisis? With some projects now requiring more time due to new safety or sanitary measures, how can mitigate the increase of the agency time spent on delivering work and overall fee? Should we offer more pre-payments? What may be the impact of media deflation on agency remuneration models? Etc.

June 03, 2020 (Wednesday) 9am New York | 2pm London | 9pm Manila

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