July 2, 2018

panata-awardsIn celebration of its 60th year, the Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA) has reinvented its premier annual awards show to reflect the evolution of marketing from advertising to brand building.

Previously, the PANAta Awards gave annual recognition to companies that demonstrated marketing effectiveness. This year, the program is shifting towards acknowledging the talents of the people and organizations behind the industry’s most successful and exemplary brand-strengthening campaigns.

New categories

Previously, the PANAta Awards focused on unique and outstanding marketing efforts, granting marketing effectiveness awards under five categories: (1) Academe, (2) Internal Communications, (3) Advocacy Marketing, (4) Business-to-Business, and (5) Brand.

With modern marketing redirecting its focus towards promoting a whole brand experience, the new PANAta Awards will move from recognizing marketing effectiveness to honoring across-the-board and continuous brand building.

As such, the 2018 PANAta Awards introduces two new main categories: the Brand Builders Awards and the People’s Choice Awards.

Under the Brand Builder category are the Excellence in Marketing Innovation, Excellence in Brand CSR, Excellence in Brand Positioning, Excellence in Customer Empowerment, and Excellence in Internal Communications awards. PANA will also bestow the Brand Bravery award to campaigns that took courageous, quantifiable risks and succeeded.

Two of the awards in this new category will only be given to one winner, namely: the Brand Rookie of the Year award to a brand that has only just entered the market last year, but has already garnered considerable success after its launch; and the Brand Builder of the Year award to a marketing team who had most fully exemplified responsible brand building for the year.

For the People’s Choice category, audiences will cast their vote from among all shortlisted entries though Facebook, SMS, and the PANA website. The subcategories are Excellence in Brand CSR, Excellence in Brand Positioning, and Excellence in Customer Empowerment, each of which the public voted for one winner.

The Grand PANAta Award

The 2018 awards show will still confer the Grand PANAta Award to the brand the PANAta Jury has deemed to have executed the most game-changing and creative brand-building strategies of the year. Considered to be the most prestigious recognition of the program, the Grand PANAta can only be given to companies who have won gold in both the Brand Builder and People’s Choice categories.

For the past three years, the Grand PANAta has been won by McDonalds’, who has the most number of campaigns shortlisted this year for a PANAta award at 15. Advertising agency IdeasXMachina, stylized “IXM”, comes second with a total of 13 nominations.

From a total of 98 entries submitted this year, 74 qualified as finalists. (See the whole list here)

The 10th PANAta Awards 2018 will be held on July 20, 2018 at the Discovery Primea Suites, Makati City.


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