August 6, 2020


Despite the new decade being welcomed by a worldwide health challenge which has threatened economic stability and progress, PANA takes on a bold step to fulfill its vow to serve the industry and contribute vigorously to nation building.

Imbued with a positive outlook and confidence, PANA is pursuing its PANAta Awards 2020 with the theme of “Pandayon”. Pandayon is a portmanteau word of the Ilonggo word “padayon” meaning to continue and the Tagalog “panday” meaning to craft or to mold. Together it symbolizes what PANAta stands for – the unwavering determination of creating a masterpiece, despite all odds.  In this crisis, PANA saw how resilient and brave brands can be. Inspired by the heroic humanity of campaigns that arose, it has decided to pursue its tradition of giving recognition to brands and talents behind the brands. “It was a difficult decision for us considering that similar events have cancelled out, but we believe that this adversity is one of the most powerful forces that have brought out the best in the Filipino. Once again, we proved that creativity is not trumped by adversity. The character of the brand has shone through”, revealed this year’s PANATA Awards 2020 chair Ken Lerona. 

Lauded as the country’s premier annual recognition program organized by BRAND BUILDING EXPERTS themselves, it is the only awards-giving body that places a greater weight on business results. PANA continues to celebrate brands with BRAND EFFECTIVENESS as the core criterion of every campaign.

PANAta Awards is an online event happening in December 2020.



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