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Brand Builders and Brand Champions honored at the PANAta Awards

July 30, 2018

It was a grand slam for McDonald’s Philippines at the 2018 PANAta Awards, which recognizes advertising and communications campaigns

that hit the mark when it comes to growth targets and consumer engagement.

McDonald’s Philippines swept the Brand Builder Category with its Mother’s Day #LoveKitaMa and All Saints Day McDelivery PIN campaigns which were both chosen for excellence in brand positioning and marketing innovation.

#LoveKitaMa was a Mother’s Day social media campaign that invited netizens to show their moms some appreciation by saying sorry and then following up with a declaration of love. Netizens immediately responded with funny, witty and tear-jerking posts that made LoveKitaMa a heartwarming hit.

The McDelivery PIN was a special campaign launched on All Saints Day. McDonald’s mounted a 15-foot McDelivery Pin at the Manila Memorial Park to serve as an easy meet-up point for McDelivery riders and hungry consumers who spent hours at the cemetery to be with their dearly departed loved ones.The campaign’s innovation was in connecting the McDonald’s delivery app to store operations and delivery logistics and finally, to on-the ground installations.

The fast food giant also took home Brand Bravery Award for #LoveKitaMa, McDelivery PIN and the SingleBells campaign. The Brand Bravery Award is a new  category introduced by PANA to highlight campaigns that took courageous, quantifiable risks and succeeded.

The PANAta Awards is the country’s premier annual recognition program for effective communication materials.  It is where brands are awarded because their campaigns reflect excellent marketing strategies and brand-strengthening practices.

In previous years, the PANAta Awards hosted by the Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA), recognized companies that demonstrated marketing effectiveness in  advertising. This year in celebration of PANA’s 60th anniversary, the organization focused its spotlight on the industry’s most memorable and touching campaigns that went beyond advertising to building brands that engage consumers and add value to their lives

“Our 60th year is the perfect time to highlight the brands that are aligned with PANA’s theme of ‘Championing Responsible Brand Building’. These are the brands that have the courage to continuously innovate and do it with the purpose of serving their customers and adding value to their lives,” said PANA President Anna Legarda.

The winners were chosen from more than 100 entries, and graded based on brand metrics, increased employee satisfaction, as well as improved business partner relationships.





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