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Filipinos have been enjoying Wrigley gum since 1920s when it was exported into the country and distributed by a Wrigley sales force based in Manila. Wrigley gum continued to be exported to the Philippines during the 1950s and the business grew despite the lack of any advertising or merchandising support. By 1960, the export business reached a total of 1.3 million boxes and was growing even faster the following year.

The time seemed right for the Wrigley Company to consider a manufacturing plant in the Philippines. Wrigley Philippines, Inc. was incorporated on April 3, 1963.

The door to the Wrigley Pasig Plant was officially opened on October 07, 1965 and the first Philippine-made Juicy Fruit stick gum was released to the trade. By 1967, the company added a second brand, and the rest is history. The Wrigley factory in Pasig City was expanded to meet the demand for both chewing and bubble gum brands.

The expiration of the company’s land lease in Pasig at the end of 1998 provided the incentive from the parent company and local management to decide to build a replacement factory on a new site. On October 15, 1996, WPI purchased a 9 acre (3.7 hectares) piece of land in the outskirts of Antipolo City.

By December 23, 1998, the WPI building in Antipolo was completed and the office staff moved into their new quarters. Wrigley Philippines, Inc. held the formal inauguration of its new facility on October 2, 1999.

Due to the proximity of holding business with agency partners, suppliers, customers and trade among others in the heart of the city, the WPI Business Operations Team was moved to Net One Center, Taguig City in March 2004.

WPI in Antipolo continues to house factory associates who manufacture and supply gum to both local and export markets.