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productsGlobe Telecom is one of the leading companies in the country’s highly competitive telecommunications industry. The Company constantly renews its commitment to enrich lives by simplifying and removing obstacles in communications technology and improving everyday communications. Its mission is to bring communication advancement to businesses and users through innovative solutions with a vision of having the happiest customers and employees. The extensive span of services not only meets the daily requirements of individuals and small-to-medium sized businesses but also of corporations and enterprises as well.

The Company’s origin can be traced back to Robert Dollar Company in 1928 where it operated a wireless long distance message service. However, it was in 1993 when the partnership between Ayala Corporation and Singapore Telecom, Inc. (STI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SingTel), was formalized. This important collaboration gave way to the creation of formidable communication leader Globe Telecom, Inc. in 1998.

Since then, Globe has changed the face of communications in the Philippines with the launch of Globe Handyphone, the first fully digital CMTS (Cellular Mobile Telephone System) using the GSM (Global Systems for Mobile) communications network. It was the first Company to offer SMS (Short Message Service) in the country. With constant upgrading of Globe Telecom’s systems and technology, the Company increased its lead from market competitors by becoming the first Philippine internet service provider.

Globe expanded its service coverage by launching its mobile commerce services in 2004. This service is more popularly known as GCASH which operates under its fully-owned subsidiary, G-Xchange, Inc. GTI Business Holdings, Inc., another subsidiary, is an investment company that has the authority to provide VoIP services. Globe also reinforced its network connectivity with the TGN-Intra Asia Cable System. It is through this program that Globe was first to locally introduce Worldwide interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX), a wireless channel with the capability of delivering high-speed internet service to a large geographical area.  Globe also operates Innove Communications, Inc. which offers wireline voice services and wireline data services.

Despite all modernization efforts successfully executed in the past, Globe has commenced in the last quarter of 2011, a companywide transformation process involving network, IT, business, talent, and cultural transformation.

At the same time, Globe remains committed to bring about growth and nation building through the use of Information and Communication Technology. Globe inexorably believes in the preservation of the environment and support causes that safeguard wildlife and forestry. Globe also believes in uplifting the Filipino way of life by partnering with government and non-government agencies through programs that boost the educational system of the country through the use of ICT-empowered systems. In addition, the Company supports good governance — peace and order initiatives at the barangay.  It also plays a vital role in promoting the use of ICT on a national scale as seen in times of disaster and national development initiatives like the national election.