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    PANA Digital Playbook

    The Philippine Association of National Advertisers in partnership with the Certified Digital Marketer Program held another Digital Playbook session last...
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    Code of Ethics and Media Talks on PANA Brand Academy Day Three

    The study of marketing is incomplete without examining today’s media landscape, in which digital and mobile continue to grow in...
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    PANA Brand Academy Day Two Talks Insights, Branding and Product Design

    The second Friday of PANA Brand Academy gets down to the essentials of marketing with a discussion on insights. Insight, the...
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    PANA Brand Academy 2015 Now Underway

    Sixty-eight junior marketers took part in the first day of the 2015 PANA Brand Academy, which continues for the next...
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    User Experience – Delivering Joy of Use and Consistency

    If customer experience is the sum of all interactions between the customer and everything regarding a brand (according to top...
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    PANA Digital Playbook Seminar

    Marketers in the real estate and retail industry gathered last June 10 at Max’s Restaurant, Greenbelt 1, Makati City to...
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    Probinsyanomics – Understanding the Rural Economy

    Rural areas tend to be overlooked in marketing and economics, especially in rising economies like the Philippines, where the middle...
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    2015 PANAta Marketing Effectiveness Awards Recognizes Winners

    HOTEL INTERCONTINENTAL, MAKATI – “Kaya natin love ang PANAta Awards, kasi parang bottomless iced tea,” remarks event co-host Chito Maniago...
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    2015 PANAta Marketing Effectiveness Awards Winners

    Congratulations to all the winners of the 2nd PANAta Marketing Effectiveness Awards. It is our honor to recognize the outstanding...
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    2015 PANAta Marketing Effectiveness Finalists

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    Decoding Millennials

    Millennials are a most puzzling phenomenon in the generations of humans that have ever come to be. Born at the...
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    Building Trust and Transcending Media through Real Stories

    The PANA GMM last February concluded with a reminder that although the top five media of the Philippines compels engaging...
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    Media Insights 2015 – The Top Five Media of Urban Philippines and Emerging Trends

    Media consumption in the Philippines is showing how Filipinos today favor screen-based media. Television is at the peak of the...
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    The Philippine Economy – Strong and Steady in 2015

    It seems the positive trends related to the Philippine Economy is set to continue this year. At the first PANA...
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    PANA 2015: Responsible Marketing Communications with a Purpose

    PANA starts the year with the requisite induction of the 2015 officers, board of directors and board of trustees. Yet...
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